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Greetings from sunny Pembrokeshire!

Its been wonderful spending more glorious days in the garden drinking green juices and working on new pads.

This week though we are talking about menstrual sponges!  Have you tried one?  Thought about it? We have loads of options here at Moon Times, why not give it a go and if you do let us know how you get on.


Moon Sponge Trial Pack – if your not sure this is a great and inexpensive place to start!

Moon Sponge and Panty Liner Kit – if you want the additional security of a pad as well 🙂

Moon Sponge Gift Set – if your already a convert perhaps you want to give a friend the opportunity to try it out!

Jam Sponge – the menstrual sponge with attitude!!


There are other kits and combos in the MoonTimes Shop, have a browse.  If you’re not sure what to choose, get in touch!

If you still feel a bit uncertain then take a look at a couple of my blog posts that tell you a bit more about them…..

Sponge Tampons are Nothing New! 

 Sponges for contraception

Heres a little image from  my garden!

org pad set & bag & belted pad 2014

Wishing you a wonderful week,

love Rachael xxx

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