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Greetings Dear Ones!

We arrive into Lammas with beautiful balmy, warm weather, so appropriate for the first harvest, the grain harvest. Lammas (1st August) is ‘Loaf Mass’ and is a holy day to honour the women who created agriculture.  Grains are food, medicine and decoration and when not heavily processed are a blessing in our lives.  How are you honouring the grain this summer? What are you harvesting in your life?


This week I want to remind you about my books section, perhaps you’re off on a family holiday and are looking for something to read in the sun.

If you have young daughters and you are wondering what to do when they come to their bleeding time then perhaps my book Menarche, A Journey to Womanhood might be of interest.


If you are thinking about your own cycle and how to explore its place in your life then maybe you should try Moontime by Lucy Pearce


I’m really pleased to have just received my delivery of the Earth Pathways Diary.  This gorgeous diary is full of artwork, writing and information about the wheel of the year.  It also tracks the moon phases (UK), what a beautiful addition to your charting.


Are you having any Red Tent or womens circle meetings this summer, perhaps you could show Red Tent, The Movie. A groundbreaking documentary shining the spotlight on the ever growing Red Tent movement.


And I’m so pleased that my book Thirteen Moons is now available in the US from  Amazon or from Paula Youmell making it more accessible to my readers and customers around the world.


And this is only a handful of what is available from the Moontimes Bookshop, why not have a browse one sunny summer evening?

Wishing you a bountiful harvest!

Rachael xxx

PS…heres my latest video showing you the books listed above Rachael Talks about the books available from Moon Times

PPS. THANKS SO MUCH to those who have shown support and donated already! Please, please keep sharing my Red Tent dream ……see my Red Tent Go Fund Me page and help me gain support…thanks!

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