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Dearest Sistars

Greetings to you in the wake of a powerful full moon weekend.  This week I am thinking about a subject which I’m sure you know is close to my heart – Menarche.  If your not familiar with the word, it means the start of menstruation.  Somewhere between the ages of 9 and 16, young women will start their moontime,  it’s a profoundly important time in their lives.  Sadly society wants us to teach young women to mop it up with disposable products, pop a pill for the pain and get on with life as usual.

charlie menarche 5Menarche is a time which should be welcomed and celebrated.  A time when a young woman finds out how to move forward in the world in confidence and joy.  What she feels and learns at menarche will have pattern echos throughout the rest of her life.

Here are some of the ways you can help your daughters.

Read my book – Menarche, A Journey to Womanhood

Hold a party or ceremony for your daughter to celebrate when she starts, I shared this video a while back Apache Rite of Passage Ceremony that might give you some ideas, and there are more ideas in my book.

mix pads 2013Buy her some pretty washable pads, so much nicer than the plastic coated offerings at the supermarket! Or my Moon Maiden Menarche gift set, available in my gifts section.

Talk! Explore how your daughter feels about her changing body, find out what would help her feel good about it, don’t hide it away.  Talk about how your Moontime is for you.

If you could use some guidance around this subject, do drop me a line.

And did you know you, if you donate more than £25 to my Red Tent Go Fund Me page you’ll get a free copy go my Menarche eBook? Please share this page far and wide and help me gain support for this important dream!

Have a great week!

Rachael xxx

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