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Greetings Sistars

The end of this week sees the full moon arrive on Friday the 13th.  This won’t happen again until 2049! Auspicious or not so good?

Lots of exciting things happening here at Moon Times, I’m still feeling my way in to my new work space, I’m starting to realise a dream…(see below for more about that!) and there are new goodies for you too!

New Products!!

Womb Wraps – Womb Wraps were born out of a need for holding and comfort, to be wrapped-up, held and supported in a cosy cocoon. They really keep the kidney and whole stomach area toasty and warm.  For comfort and warmth on a physical level as well as on an emotional/comfort level. Like feeling wrapped in loving arms and held there all day till taking it off.  Available in two styles, one a lighter weight for summer. Hand made in Devon.


Felted Wool Pads – There are some new designs and they now have their own area on the website.

Realising my Red Tent Dream; Since my first ‘healthy cycles’ course and seeing my first ‘red tent’ space at Glastonbury Festival in 1994 I have held a dream of a community menstrual hut or red tent; a real space that is avaliable all month round for women of the local community to retreat to while bleeding. A space where women are welcomed with a soothing herbal tea, simple foods, warmth, comfort, inspiring books, tools for creativity and going within. Or maybe just a space where they can sleep in peace! Now I have the peaceful land to make that happen so I am fund-raising to buy a warm, weather proof and locally made yurt for women to come to. Please support my dream and help co-create this vision of Red Tents in every community by sharing my page far and wide! GoFundMe

redtent_2Ask Aunt Flo! – Next week we will be revisiting some previous questions via the Facebook page.  Do you have a question you would like Aunt Flo to answer?  I can’t promise to answer everything, but drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Lucy Pearce has started a really interesting conversation over at The Happy Womb with this blog post. – Why Aren’t Women Interested? – This piece really resonated for me as someone who works in a what could be considered a niche area. I’d be really interested to hear your responses.

Oh…and look out for the Solstice Flash Sale!  15% off for 24 hours only. Discount Code: MTSolstice (valid on the 21st June only)

See you next week

Rachael xxx


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