Womb Wraps

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Womb Wraps~ made to nurture, hold and cherish the womb and kidney area.

worn womb wrapWomb Wraps were born out of a need for holding and comfort, to be wrapped-up, held and supported in a cosy cocoon.
They really keep the kidney and whole stomach area toasty and warm.
For comfort and warmth on a physical level as well as on an emotional/comfort level. Like feeling wrapped in loving arms and held there all day till taking it off.
They are particulalry fantastic on challenging days when you feel more delicate, for days when its painful to leave the house or be seen.
The wrap can help on days when you feel bloated and extra sensitive.
There is something really strengthening about wrapping yourself in a piece of cloth, feels ancient; the Tibetans and many tribes do it too. To care and respect the hara, dantienne, womb, the creative hub of woman.
Men also enjoy them too….


Wraps are cosy and warm and have a pocket at the back for putting a hot water bottle if you need extra heat.

womb wrap flowery

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