Is your Moontime an integral part of your spiritual path?

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I don’t see my ‘spiritual path’ as something separate from my life, it is my life, it’s what guides me in everything I do- whether its my yoga practice or washing up!

Over the years I have woven several ‘practices’ into my day, my weeks and my month, such as reiki, womb blessings, a morning ritual of some prayer and meditation (not attached to any religion), yoga, breath work, jade egg practices, movement, menstrual/cycle awareness….all because I notice the benefits these things add to my life, I have more clarity of thought, a healthy body, I’m (mostly) stress free, more patience, the ability to slow down and listen….

meditationAnd boy do I notice when my life becomes too full to fit in my practices how easy I can become irritable, discontented and MRS GRUMPY! So I always try to fit in something!

On any day I may do one or many of these things, but what I have noticed, on the days coming up to my moontime I start to slow down and do more of my inner practices and as my bleeding starts I want to withdraw more and more.

I have found following my natural desire to retreat at my moontime deepens my connection to my feelings and clears the way for the rest of the month for me to be more balanced and feel contented.

My Moontime practices include using soft nurturing cloth pads which I wash by hand and consciously release any anger and tensions of the month as I rinse the blood out. I chant and sing as I water my garden with my moonblood.

“Blessed be the blood on my thighs, blessed be the blood on my skirt, blessed be the blood” (Carolyn Hillyer)

“I give away this blood of mine, to all my relations, I give away, give away, give away” (Brooke Medicine Eagle)

pour blood on gardenI have collected my blood using a menstrual cup, dried it on baking paper and then kept the dried blood in a small vial which I might wear and use if I want to shift back in to my menstrual “state” to do some deep inner work.

mooncup with blood

Of course I also have my women’s groups entwined in my life, I am blessed to have the choice every month of a Red Tent, a Jade Circle, a full moon ceremony, and my own Womb Blessing group to attend! My life is full of women on similar spiritual paths and journeys so I can often forget that many women aren’t as well supported as me, and I can forget about the times I felt I was “out there” and “alone” on my journey.

For me, it’s important to be connected to like minded women, whether its in real life or in Facebook groups (they weren’t an option when I was younger and feeling so alone on my menstrual journey!) and its so vital to be yourself. Its easy to feel like the ‘werido’ or ‘mad hippy’ in your group when you embody your moon cycle in to your life but I urge all women to keep talking about it, keep it visible, because the benefits of bringing your moontime into your practices will make you happy and will keep your womb smiling!

And will ripple out to women everywhere!!

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