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Midsummer Greetings!

This week at MoonTimes HQ we have been making the most of the sunshine, spending lots of time in the garden and enjoying the Summer Fair at the local Steiner school.  Its meant that I’ve even been sewing and making in the sunshine, check the shop for new felted pads.

LARGE felted pads on line

This weeks discussion topic is Cycle Charting, do you chart your moontime cycle?  What do you use to help you chart?  Do you find you forget as often as you remember of is it part of your daily routine?

I have a lovely selection of products that can help support your Cycle Charting:

Moon Times Cycle Charting Journal – Packed full of information and journal space to help you manage your charting.  The set comes with a moon calendar and a set of mala beads.

Moon Times Moon Cycle Malas – A beautiful set of coloured beads to help your follow your cycle and manage your fertility naturally.

There are other useful books and tools available in the Cycle Charting area of the shop, why not have a browse!

Have you read my blog post – In search of ‘natural’ contraception – where I talk about my journey into cycle charting, it might help you get started too.

I have been very touched by how many women have already contributed to my GoFundMe pot for my Red Tent Dream.  I feel so excited that this is really going to happen!  I’ll keep you updated as the campaign progressses.

Next week we’ll be talking menstrual sponges, have a great week till then!


Rachael xxx


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