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Hello my lovelies!!!

What an amazing sunny week this is turning out to be! 😀 I hope you are enjoying it!

This week I have had my Aunt Flo hat on and been responding to some questions posed over on my Facebook page.

imagesAsk Aunt Flo…….When to replace a menstrual cup?

Ask Aunt Flo……Coming off the pill…

There are other posts on the blog where Aunt Flo has been asked about which menstrual cups to use, heavy periods, cycle charting and more – Aunt Flo Answers 


This last week I have started the journey to realising a long held dream of having a real Red Tent on the land, available all month long for women who need the space.  I am fundraising the money needed to buy a locally made yurt and make this a reality.  See my GoFundMe page here for further information and to donate if you feel called.  I would appreciate it if you would consider sharing with friends and communities in real life or on social media. Thank you my lovelies!! I have been so touched by the women who have donated so far <3

Next week at Moon Times we will be talking about Cycle Charting and sharing our suggested resources to help you start your own charting process.

Don’t forget our 24 hour flash Solstice sale.  21st June Only!

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And just to finish…new on the blog- Is your Moontime an integral part of your spiritual path?

I don’t see my ‘spiritual path’ as something separate from my life, it is my life, it’s what guides me in everything I do- whether its my yoga practice or washing up!

Over the years I have woven several ‘practices’ into my day, my weeks and my month, such as reiki, womb blessings, a morning ritual of some prayer and meditation (not attached to any religion), yoga, breath work, jade egg practices, movement, menstrual/cycle awareness….all because I notice the benefits these things add to my life, I have more clarity of thought, a healthy body, I’m (mostly) stress free, more patience, the ability to slow down and listen….

Read more…. https://www.moontimes.co.uk/blog/2014/06/moontime-spiritual-path/

Summertime blessings

Rachael xxxx

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