Cloth Pads….do they really work??

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Cloth pads; also known as moon pads, mama cloth, rags (what do you call yours??!!)…do they work?

mix pads 2013Loads of women have made the switch to cloth – so whats stopping you?  The most common question has to be- do they work? Are they really absorbent? And I can honestly say YES!! I get emails from happy women everyday telling me how great they are and how they wished they’d made the change sooner.

How do they work? The design Moon Times pads, with the wings and choice of different inserts is extremely efficient! If you choose the right amount of inserts for the absorbency of your flow, the pads should not leak at all. For extra security there are inserts made from a double layer of towelling with a polyurethane backing. Not using enough inserts is usually the cause of leaking, so use more inserts; 1 or 2 is suitable for light to med flow, 2 -4 for medium to heavy.  Towelling inserts are the most absorbent 🙂

Let me talk you through it…

Here’s a few of my testimonials

“Hi Rachael and all at Moon Times, Just want to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with my moon pads. I was really drawn to them when I looked on your web site but somewhere in my heart of hearts I think I was still a little sceptical that they would actually work without leaking. I was very pleasantly surprised that even without dry weave top sheets, super absorbent cores, plastic backing and protective contours THEY DIDN’T LEAK!!! I should know by now not to trust adverts on TV. I love my moon pads; they are soft, practical, pretty, natural and comforting – well done! Much love from a washable pads convert!” Claire, Devon

“I love my washable pads- for me they are about getting away from the attitude of ‘stick in a tampon and forget you’re bleeding’ and more about honouring your menstruation and the earth. I love watering my garden with my moon blood (from soaking my pads)- I make the whole ritual a sacred ceremony-it’s a beautiful thing to connect to your cycle, the moon and the earth…and to other women.” Sarah, Liverpool

“Just to thank you very much for the cloth pads, which arrived a couple of weeks ago. They’re fab! Very carefully made, comfortable to wear and easy to use. ” Emily, London

“I used Moon Times pads following treatment for pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. I bled a lot for about 6 weeks and the Moon Times pads had no trouble coping with it. I had no leaks on my clothes and the pads are so easy to wash and quick to dry. They are fab and I recommend them!”  Lisa, graphic designer, Bristol

“I use both your pads and a moon cup on heavy days, as since I have polycystic ovaries I have a very heavy flow. I find both products fantastic!! Thanks for setting me free!! ” Mary, Exeter

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