How would YOU have wanted to be celebrated?

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I recently ran a menarche workshop for a group of mothers, we discussed how our mothers had reacted to us when we started our first period and what we would like to offer our daughters. There was a real mix of ideas!

* A celebratory meal

*A girlie night out (e.g. cinema)

*A luxurious bath

*No codes (this womans mother had called pads SPs)

*Some special jewellry

*Just sitting with her and brushing her hair

*Anything that helps her feel pampered, looked after and nurtured

*Talking, keep talking! (and that includes to daughters and our sons!)

*teach her about the moon cycles and how our own bodies cycle corresponds to it

*A gift of chocolate

*Let her have a day off each month

* Teach her to honour herself and be honoured!

see one of my old blog posts for more ideas….

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