Red Tents in Every Neighbourhood Summit

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Red Tents In Every Neighbourhood Summit

Dear sister,

~ How would your life have been different if there was a Red Tent in your neighborhood when you grew up?

~ What feeds your soul when you are menstruating?

~ What would most deeply support you as a woman in a local Red Tent?

I bet you have immediate answers to each of these questions,
coming from the depth of your womb…

Since Anita Diamant wrote The Red Tent in 1997,
women have awakened to our need to find places to go to when we flow…

I invite you to join me as we sail
the River of Consciousness flowing from our wombs!

The time has come
to give voice to women’s silent stories,
to reverse cultural shame and taboos –
by finding the true depth, insight, and soul-nourishment
inherent in our Menstrual Cycle!

My friend and colleague, DeAnna L’am,
is giving a gift to women worldwide,
and I have the honor of being part of the gifting.

I invite you to RECEIVE…

DeAnna, who is known as ‘A Womb-Visionary’,
has created one-of-a-kind offering for today’s women:

Over the entire month of February,
which is dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Brigid,
DeAnna will host the Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Summit –
an inspiring and empowering Online event for women.

You are invited to join this Red Feast – Freely!

This is an invitation to listen to your own unique womb,
to the womb-voices women
on the cutting edge of the New Consciousness Paradigm,
and to weave together DeAnna’s vision of A Red Tent In Every Neighborhood!

The Red Tent Summit is a tapestry of women’s Womb-Wisdom,
of which I am honored to be one!

We are committed to inspiring you with words, images & gifts:

You will receive a daily link to an inspiring short video that is sure to touch you to your depth…
When you sign up, you will immediately receive DeAnna’s gift: the Red Tent Activation audio recording
Each Video Presenter, including me, will offer you a special gift from her Treasure Box of womb wisdom!

The Summit runs February 1st – February 28
and you need to Sign Up Now to reserve your spot!

Here is how:

~ Click HERE to Sign Up

~ Confirm your sign up –
by clicking a link in the email you’ll receive
(look in spam folder if you don’t see it)

~ Enjoy!

Please help us spread the word:
forward this email to All your women friends –
The time has come
for Red Tents In Every Neighborhood!

Yours in sisterhood,

DeAnna L’am
P.S. – Here is the Sign Up link again: