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Hello my Dears, Happy Equinox!

We are offically into autumn now, and we have been full of equinox colds here, but dispite that we’ve been harvesting lots of blackberrys, beans, courgettes, tomatoes, pack choi, kale and making chutneys, jams, kale chips and juices! The winter stores are in the cupboard 🙂

I want to thank all of you who share our website and mention us on blogs, it really helps small businesses get out there! We are actively looking for more shops (on line and in the high street) to wholesale our products, so if you’d like to see them in your local health food shop or baby shop (they go well next to the cloth nappies!) do put them in touch with us, or us in touch with them! Or maybe you run an online shop yourself and might like to test having an SanPro line of stock on there? Drop me a line for a chat hello@moontimes.co.uk

I’ve been writing a blog post for Lucy at the Happy Womb- She’s aptly called it “Blood and Milk – Self-Care for Breastfeeding Mamas who are Menstruating” I explore how we navigate our cycle when in the intense relationship of breastfeeding! See www.happywomb.com to read the full post.

I had a bit of a sort out of our fabrics are realised we have far too much black organic fairtrade fabric – so we are selling off a load- contact me to buy some! (£6.50 a metre, 120cm width RRP £8 a metre, will do discount for more than 3 metres!)

As some of you know (I keep mentioning it don’t I?) I’ve been doing on line business courses from Leonie Dawsons website and she has announced that she’s increasing her membership fees from $199 to $495 on October 1st, to reflect all the new business material she’s added. I can honestly say using her tools has changed and improved my business. 

So do join me, and please do use my link – it costs you the same, but gives me an affiliate payment to support Moon Times!! Thanks so much! http://leoniedawson.com/affiliate-redirect/?p=RachaelMoon&w=abla  

It’s ONLY $199 (about £130) for a year. And for that you get:
 *Her business e-course which is worth $199!!! *
Access to many, many more e-courses, meditations, e-books: her new one on growing a business team, radiant living, creativity, home decluttering etc
 * Her 2014 Life and Business Planners – which have really transformed my business this year *Full access to the most incredible networking circle…and more!

It was soooo exciting to completely run out of my Menarche books- but don’t worry the are now back in stock! I’ve had some lovely feedback from mums and dads I wanted to share with you-

“I just wanted to say thank you for your book. I wanted to share with my daughter who is only 7 (8 in a few weeks) but is growing pubic hair and breasts and having mood swings, spots and tummy ache cyclically. I was reading it in the car with her after school today while waiting for her brother to come on the bus and began to cry, I did not know it would affect me like that. My poor daughter asked why i was crying and i explained i did not have a mum so i had no one to talk to when i started my periods and we hugged and cried together. She loves the book as she has been feeling alone with things changing in her body so early. So Thank you for this special resource that is perfect for her even though she is so young”. Lizzie, Midwife and mother xxx

“Inspiring book. Recommended reading for all young women. This is a beautiful book written with great passion and a sprinkling of magic.” Dan

“Compulsory reading for mums of teenage daughters – I read this book in a day – taking notes and making plans for some way to celebrate with my daughter – and for myself. Highly recommend – beautiful shares moving the reader through the book, inspiring connections and recognition of the way our parents handled the onset of menarche and the damage we have struggled with to reconnect to our power. thank you Rachael” S Collins

“A must read for any mother and daughter ***** 5 stars -because I quite simply loved reading it! I read it from cover to cover in one very long sitting…and didn’t feel like i wanted to put it down. I thought the book was written in a very friendly conversational manner that a youngster must appreciate…. but not at all condescending. Rachael Hertogs use of language is welcoming and informative. I only wish I had read it sooner…. or that my Mum had read it when I was coming of age. The book contains practical advice and real life stories from not just Rachael but from the many grand mothers, mothers, daughters, aunties, sisters etc that she interviewed. I have much gratitude for Rachael and her work. This is definitely a must read for any female….. or actually…. any male who’d like to understand more the female cycle.” Rachel

“Power to all women! This is a fabulous book exploring the history of celebrating menarche, and some ideas for looking at this part of puberty in a positive and empowering way with our daughters.” Wendy

If you have read it, do email me your feedback or pop it up on Amazon!

I don’t think we have anything new in stock, do check in now and again though! And dont forget the 10% 0ff code for regular customers MT10%OFF.

Well thats it from me, enjoy your Autumn, and check out the amazing video below!

Oh and the info on the Oct World Wide Womb blessing (over 53,000 joined in the last one!)
Warm Wishes
Rachael xxxx

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From awesome grassroots menstrual activist organization, Menstrupedia, who is doing amazing work in India and globally to teach girls and women to understand and honor menstruation:

“Her red blood will one day help another heart beat.”

Menstruation has never been portrayed so beautifully in any video before. The team at mypromovideos.com have put their hearts and souls into creating this amazing piece of art depicting the significance of menstruation in the life of a girl.

PLEASE HELP spread the message https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qf4TulXdNXY

On the full moon of the 19th October 2013, become part of the Womb Blessing family of nearly 53,000 women across the world to receive this beautiful gift of a free, distant Womb Blessing!

Register now – www.mirandagray.co.uk/register.html

The Womb Blessing is a gift that…

*Awakens our female energies, bringing joy and a freer expression of who we are.

*Brings profound and transformational healing to all aspects of our femininity.

*Creates with each Blessing a deepening awareness of the beauty, strength and gifts of our authentic female nature.

*Connects us more deeply to the mystery that is the Divine Feminine

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