Wonderful Red Tent Weekend

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So last weekend I went to the Wonderful Womens Red Tent Weekend in Bristol- and Oh what a Wonderful weekend it was!

So many amazing women to connect with, we held sacred space, had yoga, belly dancing, drumming, we did cunt craft,  singing, fire ceremony, made a beautiful nature mandala, shared blood mysteries and talked about menarche- celebrating ourselves and our daughters, there was chanting and dance and a heartfelt gratitude circle to finish.

As well as all that there was Louise from the “Dress a Girl Around The World” project, showing us how to make simple dresses from pillowcases! 

Clare from Clarity Vibration was selling her Blue Moon Essence– its DIVINE! 

Della had some fab bling and clothing https://www.facebook.com/poppymitzy

And I was there selling my wares and my Pembrokeshire honey!

The highlight of the weekend was the workshop Clare and I ran on Menarche and Blood Mysteries; I began by talking about honouring our cycles and how different life might be if society held this view as well, we shared about menarche ceremonies- ones we have held for our daughters and ourselves. Then Clare invited the circle to talk a bit about where they were with their cycle- we had menopausal women, women who shared hysterectomy stories, women who had never thought about ‘having a relationship’ with their cycle before, women who loved to roll in the grass while bleeding, women who consciously charted, women who consciously didn’t chart and felt no need to, and women who cried, laughed and loved. I love the healing power of womens circles! sing with me “i am a circle, i am healing you, you are a circle you are healing me, come and join the circle, be as one, unite the circle, be as one”

 Things I will take away from this weekend- one woman saying when she had her moontime she felt as if she had a ‘storm in her womb’ and Clares conscious bleeding talk- especially the bit about hand washing the blood from our pads and consciously letting go of unwanted things that have come up in the month “with this blood, I release resentments, anger, sadness, frustration….” letting the blood flow back to the earth, and lastly the reminder that when women put their blood back on the earth, we heal the blood spilled by man in wars.

My favourite bits of the weekend had to be the Cunt Craft- guess which one is mine! 

Huge gratitude to Clare, Carley and ALL the women who attended and shared their stories, together we are creating healing for all women!

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