Womb Blessings, my experience

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Womb Blessing, My Experience by Rachael Hertogs

On the full moon in Feb 2012 I experienced my first Womb Blessing; Miranda Gray’s website had put out an offering to any women to take part in receiving this free distant healing- a ‘Womb Blessing’- the name called to me, I had no idea what it would be, but it called to me, as if speaking to my inner core, my inner woman- my inner womb?

I had decided to tune in to the evening blessing, and spent the day wondering what the blessing might bring up. I had also noticed myself being ‘aware’ of my womb and also looking at mothers with babies as they passed me in the town, and was feeling rather broody- but was also keeping an inner dialogue going of “oh no, I’m not having any more babies!”

When the time came to ‘tune in’, I settled on to my bed, with a tray holding a vase of flowers, a large candle, my 2 ‘womb bowls’ one holding a tea light and another filled with water. I wrapped myself in a shawl, my toddler was with me as daddy was at work, but she was absorbed in her own activity. I went through Miranda’s Womb Tree visualisation and immediately felt a ‘reiki like’ shift in my energy and the connection with the full moon, bringing its energy and light into my womb just felt so right, one of those sighs of relief ‘I’m home’ feelings. I felt a oneness with all women and connection to the Divine Feminine in such beauty! It blew me away and I wanted more!

Miranda soon posted on her site about up coming Womb Blessing training in London and I just knew I had to do it…there was one snag though- the info said it wasn’t suitable for pregnant women…and I had just found out I had conceived very soon after the womb blessing!! (Did you know you can ovulate when the full moon is in your sun sign?! I knew it but hadn’t ever put it to the test until that Feb full moon!) Luckily Miranda allowed me to decide for myself- she trusted me as I have been working with energy as a Reiki teacher and since I had attuned so many people during my last pregnancy, (including some pregnant women) I didn’t see a problem with attuning to the Womb Blessing energy, especially since this new soul had come in on the energy anyway!

At the end of the weekends training, I had such a feeling of completion, after years of working with Reiki and Yoga, following very male spiritual trainings, it felt like I finally had the missing piece, the feminine side of spirituality! All we learned I felt I already ‘knew’, so it clicked into place perfectly!

Miranda talked about how in male spiritual practices its all about ‘getting out of your head, reaching nirvana, enlightenment’, where as for women, our spiritual home is being embodied in our hearts and our wombs.

What could be more spiritual than bleeding, birthing, loving?

Once trained, Miranda named us Moon Mothers, and we were now qualified to give one to one womb blessings and healings, as well as offer groups and take part in her ‘World Wide Womb Blessings’ (which have grown from 3,000 participants in Feb 2012, to 45,000 in Feb 2013!).

Since training I have given many blessings and participated in many groups and world wide blessings and as a pregnant woman they have felt so healing, and such a gift to my unborn baby. At each blessing I have felt strongly connected to my female lineage, to women in my community and at times all women across the world! I have witnessed women healing old wounds through these blessings, from guilt around miscarriage, to eased menses, to deep connection with a womb that is no longer there. These blessings are doing powerful work- gently but deeply!

The Blessings after my birth have felt so different – although I had a beautiful home pool birth, as with most birth there is a residue of trauma that the blessings helped with and a hands on womb healing was a wonderful post natal gift!

I urge ALL women to participate in a Womb Blessing, find out if there is a group near you or sign up for Miranda’s free World Wide Womb Blessings here http://www.wombblessing.com/

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