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Hello Lovelies!

Well I had good intentions of making my newsletters more regular, but being a working mum with 2 tots just about leaves time for the essential stuff, and things like staying in touch with you got pushed to one side I’m afraid!
But I have had a very busy couple of months, Premiering the Red Tent movie, here in Wales, running stalls at the Vagina Monologues and a Green Fair in Builth Wells, where quite a few women were converted to Mooncups!
I am really proud of the updated version of my Menarche book, which is now available world wide from CreateSpace … It will of course be on my website very soon and on Amazon! I was lucky enough to get some wonderful reviews of the book; such as this one from Dominique Sakoilsky,  author of Seven Secrets of a Joyful Birth, founder of Relaxed Birth and Parenting , Active Birth Teacher, counsellor and cranio sacral therapist. “Rachael’s Menarche book is a veritable feast supporting any young woman on her menstrual journey. It is easy to read, full of stories and experiences from women of all ages and cultures, and a very welcome and beautiful tool which may inspire the maiden woman to celebrate her movement into womanhood. In a culture often lacking in knowing how to support teenage transitions, we must receive gifts such as this book with open arms and open heart. It offers practical self care of the menstrual cycle, tools for supporting the emotional aspects of a cycle with self-enquiry exercises, and a rich and diverse offering of lore of menstruation around the world, experiences, wonderings, quotes and wisdom. Any menstruating woman who didn’t feel she received the menarche celebration she wanted, or the wisdom she needed to bring health to her cycle, would benefit form reading this book as well as all young girls approaching menarche. Rachael has long held a place for transforming experience and perceptions around menstruation. Thank you Rachael.” 
What else is new?…well I’ve posted LOADS of pad sets on the CLEARANCE page, and I have some of the velcro fastening sets on sale at my new ETSY shop! Do take a look and tell your friends to grab a bargain!
I’ve got a few other treats on the clearance page, and we have an updated category on the site ‘Teas, Supplements and Self Care’ featuring the amazing Moon Balance supplement, and other items such as organic soaps, foam baths and body butters! Do take a look!
If you happen to be around Newcastle Emlyn on the 1st June, pop in to the West Wales Baby Fair and say hi!
Dont forget, you can get a further 10% off by using our loyal customers code MT10%OFF at the checkout!
Enjoy your half term! Bright blessings
Rachael xxxx