Moon Times Charting Journal sample pages….

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Ever wondered what is in the journal?    …here are some sample pages…

Moon Times® Cycle Charting Journal

For women who want to chart their cycle naturally: Includes information on your cycle, your hormonal changes throughout the month, natural methods to chart your fertility and has a 400 page journal to guide you through your cycle! Set includes a moon calendar and moon mala beads.

Tuning in and listening to your body is the key to self empowerment and well being!

This set including journal, cycle malas and moon chart provide an interactive tool to enable you to understand how your cycle and body are influenced by your hormones and the ebb and flow of the moons cycles.


This book is a ‘not for profit publication’- any profits made go to insuring free books, pads and information go out to schools, girls and women’s groups.

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