August Blue Moon

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We had a lovely womens gathering in my tipi last night where we chatted, drank herbal teas, did a womb blessing meditation, shared our experiences of the meditation and then ate yummy chocolate polenta cake and lots of fruit! Sadly it was too cloudy to see the moon.

Moon Times Summer Newsletter

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Hello Lovelies 🙂 Well, not much sunshine or feeling of summer here, but we are plodding on in hope it will arrive soon! This is a quick newsletter just to highlight a few things! We have a limited number of Jam Sponge purse mirrors, key rings, large badges and fridge magnets to GIVE AWAY with Jam Sponge orders  We now … Read More

[guest post] Blood Art- what do you think?

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Vice Magazine has published series of photos by Emma Arvida Bystrom – women doing everyday tasks- as they leak through their clothes- what woman hasn’t had that happen at some point? See There Will Be Blood and heres an article By Emma Grey on Huffington Post website in response Huffington Post

[guest post] Getting Pregnant Naturally

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Getting Pregnant Naturally It can be very stressing for couples to see that conceiving a baby is not something that can be easily, just out of a decision, like pushing a button. Besides, the more couples fail to make the baby, the more stressful the situation can get. The first thing you have to do is relax and understand that … Read More

[guest post] Reverse The Curse evening workshop in Germany with DeAnna Lam

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This evening is open to All Reverse the Curse! Was your coming-of-age empowering? Or is there a knot in your stomach when you think of your adolescence? Since most women were never welcomed into womanhood, many consider their periods “nuisance,” “bother,” or “the curse.” For men, the lack of a significant Rite-Of-Passage often translates into different “curses” in their lives. … Read More