New Film…Monthlies

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What is menstruation? What changes in a girl’s life when ”it” first arrives? Monthlies is a fresh film exploring the period with humor and sensitivity.

Monthlies represents a fresh view of a taboo impacting the world of girls (and boys) to a larger extent than it may first seem. With humor and sensitivity it discloses misbeliefs, prejudices and rules of the “menstrual etiquette“ that still persist not only in the remote parts of the world but also in our modern society.

Monthlies is a spin-off of our successful documentary film The Moon Inside You (IMDb 7.9). It is specifically made with teenagers in mind and for them.

Right now we are running crowd funding campaign on indiegogo to make this movie happen. Reaching the goal of finishing the film is only possible with you in the process. You can help making the film either by financial support, sharing this appeal with your friends and spreading the word on social media. Let’s make this movie happen together. We are happy to welcome you on our team!