Autumn Newsletter

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Hello and Happy Autumn!
We’ve had quite a few changes happening at Moon Times since our last newsletter; one of our team has moved on into a new career in chef-ing and another has moved to Brighton- so it’s back to me (Rachael) on my own for a bit, just like the good old days when Moon Times first began! Although I am expecting a baby in a matter of weeks, so do bear with me if your orders take a while to get out to you, my hubby will be on postal duty 🙂

We have a few new products to flag up and an exciting request…
please take the time to vote for us in the Green Directory PEA-ples Favourite Award 2013! See their webpage for more info, and do ask your friends to vote for us too- thanks so much!

So…new products!
COMING SOON- The Ruby Cup!

The Ruby Cup is a ‘one size fits all’ menstrual cup, and was created to give to young women in Kenya (and other developing countries) who where not accessing education due to lack of feminine hygiene products. They are a charity supported by the women who buy the cups here in the West. I have yet to trial the cup, but have been very impressed with the quality and design! It will retail at £25. Keep an eye out for it in our Menstrual Cups section.
We have added some luxurious Neals Yard Organic products to our range- there some gift bags and natural deodorants to be found here

And some Neals Yard baby soap and bath foam here

We also have our own range of Soothing Nipple Balm 30ml, and Bump and Bum Balm 60ml in our Baby Moon Section.

We heard from our wholesalers that the 2013 Earth Pathways Diaries will be completely OUT of stock in the next few weeks! We have ordered more so fingers crossed we’ll have enough for all our orders, but do order now so you aren’t disappointed!
We also have plenty of 2013 Moon Chart Calendars– see the Diaries and Calendars section.

Womb Blessing Take part in receiving a FREE distant Womb Blessing this month by signing up here; Miranda and other Moon Mothers will be sending out the divine feminine energy 4 times on Oct 29th, its an amazing opportunity to connect with thousands of women across the world and receive this healing attunement!

well, I think thats all for now, oh, just to remind you that I will close for up to two weeks sometime at the end of October into November when my little one appears, so do think ahead and get any urgent orders in now! Thanks for being such amazing customers 🙂
Take care, much love