new Moon Time book to connect you with your cycle

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What a lovely gift to recieve on International Womens Day and a full moon…my own signed copy of Lucy Pearce’s Moon Time book 🙂 which you can buy in the cycle charting section of with 15% off at the mo!! (when you buy a pad set or sponge) thanks Lucy ♥

I have already had the e-book version but to hold this treasure in my hands felt so right. I haven’t been able to put it down, reading it with my daughter at the breast, continuing while she slept, picking it up again this morning while we nursed in!

Beautifully illustrated and clearly set out, Lucy takes us through each stage of your cycle with her gentle wisdom.

She includes many ‘not so talked about’ parts of a woman’s life and cycle- bleeding while breastfeeding, cycles within our cycles, naming our parts- all of them- even including the cervix (now thats a new one on me!) and the ‘Mourning Moon’ acknowledging the loss when our bleeding comes when trying to conceive.

I particularly liked her ‘and you’ sections which invite you to reflect on some of the topics that maybe more difficult to accept or challenge your own beliefs. And her ‘permission slips’ to write to yourself 🙂

Her resources section is well researched- I found so many books and sites I hadn’t come across.

I know its a book I will come back to time and time again, and I urge women everywhere to buy a copy for yourself, your daughters, your friends, your sisters…..go on!!