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as listed in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs.
The Seven Sacred Rites of Menarche: The Spiritual Journey of the Adolescent Girl
by Kristi Meisenbach Boylan
The vast majority of books on menarche-the first menstrual cycle-do not address its effect on a young girl’s spiritual journey from maidenhood to womanhood. This book outlines the seven rituals, or stepping-stones, that a young woman faces on her voyage, marking her way through adolescence. These stepping-stones lead her from the childhood years to the childbearing years and draw attention to a young woman’s changing spirit. Included are ideas for creating rites of passage, celebrations, and positive rituals for both mothers and daughters to share during this challenging and amazing time of growth.

Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood by K. Wind Hughes,
Twenty-one young women share life lessons, coming-of-age stories, and interviews with the remarkable women who influenced their growth.

A Toolbox for Our Daughters: Building Strength, Confidence and Integrity by Annette Geffert, Diane Brown
Sensible real life strategies to build a girls self esteem. It provides useful exercises for helping girls grow in their relationships with others, with their own inner lives and with our endangered world.

Celebrating Girls: Nurturing and Empowering Our Daughters by Virginia Beane Rutter
As girls grow up they may face many different dilemmas such as pregnancy at a young age or loss of self-esteem. This book offers practical tips to parents and other carers on how to support girls from infancy to adolescence, each chapter focusing on a different stage in a girl’s development.

Say What You Mean, Get What You Want by Tricia Kreitman,
Explaining to young people how to make a stand and assert themselves, this advice book deals with how to judge and evaluate situations and relationships, and how to develop negotiating skills. Each chapter is illustrated and explained with letters and accounts from real teenagers.

Soul Searching-A girls guide to finding herself by Sarah Stillman
Written by a 16yr old girl- she gives advice for discovering what is really important in life, covering topics such as managing stress, finding inner peace, exploring dreams, and cultivating a meaningful life.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Periods (But Didn’t Like to Ask) by Charlotte Owen
Based on current research and endorsed by the Brook Advisory Centre, this book covers everything a girl needs to know about periods. Written by the agony aunt of “19” magazine, it contains practical information and real-life quotes. It also includes a list of useful addresses.

Have You Started Yet? Getting the Facts Straight Ruth Thompson.
Starting to have periods is something all girls face. This book explains exactly what periods are, why they happen, and how they will affect you; asking all the questions and giving all the answers simply and openly, with plenty of practical advice

Wild Girls: The Path of the Young Goddess Patricia Monaghan
Maiden, mother, crone; of the three faces of the goddess, the maiden corresponds to the part of a woman’s soul that is always questing, exploring, and free to move. The stories in this book represent some of the many visions of the “Wild Girl” throughout the world, each is followed by commentary and activities, such as building an altar, creating healing rituals, and working with dreams

Don’t Give It Away! by Iyanla Vanzant
A workbook in which teenage girls can explore their thoughts and feelings about the things most important to them: family, friends, body image and love life.

Moon Mother Moon Daughter by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison
A book for mothers who, rather than alienate their teenage daughters, want to form a deeper connection with them. Rooted in lunar cycles and mythology, each of the chapters uses a goddess and lunar myth as its basis, exploring traditions associated with the coming of age period. Each chapter includes activities for mothers and daughters to do together as well as a comprehensive resource and further readings section.

Power Thoughts for Teens by Louise L. Hay
Louise Hay has assisted many people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. She contends that affirmations are powerful tools and encourages people to use them to expedite their personal growth process.

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant-
This book is a firm favourite of mine and is an epic celebration of womanhood, written for women everywhere, regardless of their status, creed or colour. It is the story of a woman whose life was blessed by great love and torn by tragedy, of the lessons she learned through her own experiences and those of the women, and men, whose lives she touched. The red tent is the place where women gathered during their cycles of birthing, menses and even illness.

Getting Real About Growing Up by Amrita Hobbs
This is a resource book for life. It speaks directly to the teenager and the young adult. It is also a resource for parents and anyone working with youth. It communicates hauntingly to the teenager in every adult. it is full of practical suggestions and things to do. Teen Speak, anecdotes and stories make Getting Real… about growing up! enriching and spiritually uplifting. Stories are a great way of communicating a point and make it easier to understand and empathise when written in such language. Teen Speak is an integral part of the book. It’s great to hear the opinion of other young people. The style is diverse and effective. It inspires every reader to move beyond some of the limitations imposed on them from outside authority, their family background and the overcoming of childhood hurts. This book encourages readers to find their own uniqueness and express themselves in a powerful and effective way from a loving heart.

The Thundering Years: Rituals and Sacred Wisdom for Teens  by Julie Tallard Johnson
Shows teens how to harness the intense emotions and drives of the late-teen years using wisdom from cultures around the world. Includes exercises, personal and community rituals, and resources that show how to successfully navigate the Thundering Years without heading toward violence, drug abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors. Inspiring quotations from many spiritual traditions as well as the words and real-life experiences of other young adults. Presents an honest view of the passions and pain that occur during this major life transition.
According to native traditions, the Thundering Years are the time in life to listen to intense feelings, dreams, desires, and goals — to be outrageous and even difficult. The Thundering Years are the teen years, the time when you are journeying into adulthood. They are exciting years, full of potential and creative energy, and they are painful years, full of turmoil and self-examination. Author Julie Tallard Johnson has collected wisdom from cultures around the world to help you survive your Thundering Years with your soul, creativity, and even sense of humour intact. She offers numerous techniques and traditions to help harness the powerful energy released during this time. She shows that when you connect with your thunder in a respectful way, you are given the confidence you need to accomplish all your dreams.

More added to this blog in 2018….

Cycling to Grandma’s House by Jac Torres-Gomez  
Luna has just been assigned a challenging school project: to find the most incredible characteristic about being a girl and then present it to her class. Luna races home to ask for advice from her mother, who suggests she do her project on an experience that Luna shares with other girls all around the world: menstruation. As she summons the courage to talk to other girls and women from various cultures about their first period, she embarks on an exciting journey that will change her life forever. “A beautiful book that gives young girls an inspiring introduction to the subject of getting your first period.” – Lara Owen, author of Her Blood Is Gold: Awakening to the Wisdom of Menstruation

Reaching for the Moon by Lucy H Pearce
Reaching for the Moon is Lucy H. Pearce’s bestselling guide for girls aged 9-14 as they anticipate and experience their body’s changes. A beautiful, sensitive and nurturing celebration of a girl’s transformation to womanhood, following in the footsteps of her bestselling book for women, Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle. Beginning with an imaginary journey into the red tent, a traditional place of women’s wisdom, some of the gifts and secrets of womanhood are imparted in a gentle lyrical way. – The secrets of the moon – The secrets of our cycles – The gift of self-care Along with practical advice on: – Preparing for her first period – Choosing menstrual products – Herbal healing – Celebrating menarche Lucy H. Pearce is a mother of three, and author of five books for girls and women. “A must-read for all our daughters!” — Melia Keeton-Digby, author, The Heroines Club “A beautiful, insightful book that every girl should have clenched to her heart… the most life-affirming gift you could offer.” — Wendy Cook, Founder, Mighty Girl Art “For our daughters and their mothers, thank you.” — ALisa Starkweather, founder, Red Tent Temple Movement “A message of wonder, empowerment, magic and beauty in the shared secrets of our femininity … written to encourage girls to embrace their transition to womanhood in a knowledgeable, supported, loving way.” —

Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms Diary
by Meredith Jacobs and Sophie Jacobs

This beautiful keepsake journal is the perfect place for moms and tween daughters to share stories and dreams, hopes and fears. Advice, guidelines, and prompts by author Meredith Jacobs and her thirteen-year-old daughter Sofie pave the way to discussing everything from friends and school to crushes and growing up. With plenty of free space to write about whatever’s on their minds and fun pages for drawing pictures and making lists, this journal will open the lines of communication and help moms and daughters create memories that will last a lifetime.

Maiku discovers Red Moon: Handbook to understand and use the gifts of your Menstrual Cycle
by Miss Arianna Ruffinengo

Wisdom, magic and creativity inspired by the menstrual cycle for readers of all ages. This wonderful album, inspired by Miranda Gray’s classic Red Moon, accompanies the reader on a journey to discover the biological aspects and mystical secrets of the menstrual cycle from a playful, cheerful and demystifying perspective. Together with the free-spirited Maiku, you will explore different aspects of the menstrual cycle, from fascinating anatomy to suggestions for how you can best adjust to the energies that influence each phase of the month. You will get to know the four archetypes that live within us – the Crone, the Maiden, the Mother and the Enchantress. You will learn how to enjoy certain exercises to loosen up and relax. Finally, you will explore your creativity though painting, colour, crafts and decorations and much more… A powerful tool to share with daughters, sisters and friends, aimed at breaking down taboos and encouraging them to consciously and creatively experience the naturalness of the menstrual cycle.