Going Within

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How do We “Go Within?”
Most of us live over-committed, complicated lives, with guilt and/or income-generation as our primary motivator. Though we have precious little time in our current incarnation, it is still hard to say no to work, family or group activities that we don’t find personally meaningful. There are so many “shoulds” planning our daily schedule. So be courageous, say “No” to the things you don’t want to do, but feel obliged, clear your schedule of chores and duties, ask your family for support and take some time for yourself.
This means turning off your TV (now that’s courageous!) and tuning into the broadcast channel of existence. So much in life distracts our energy and stops us from searching for deeper truth and meaning.
Consider the profound impact of focusing our energies only on activities that enliven our search for deeper meaning. Taking time out helps deepen into a search for our true calling: that which finds its source in inspiration, gifting and joyfulness. Think of your job. For many people, the work they do for money is not the work they do for spiritual enlivenment. We are told from a young age that we cannot support ourselves doing work we love, especially if that work is artistic and/or spiritual. Perhaps you could create ritual around revisioning your beliefs about work. Use this time to reconsider how to be generous with your time and love, while figuring out a way to fill your life with work and activities that feed your spirit.
Another thing you could focus on is to look at what you dislike outside of yourself, and then look within to find where it lives within you. That is your shadow, the projection onto external reality of the darkness that lives within you. Remind yourself that you have the power to find your own truth, by looking inward with a truthful eye.
Meaning doesn’t live somewhere far away. It is not in heaven, it is not in the words of some channeler, it is not in your guru, it is not in your church, it is not in your school, it is not in your therapist, it is not in your psychic, tarot card reader or astrologer, it is not in your government, it is not in your guides, angels, or other disembodied entities you have chosen to give away your power. The Earth is speaking to you, every minute of every day! The answers you seek are in the wind, the movement of the waves, in the activity in a bee hive or an ant hill, in the intelligence that moves the stars and planets, in the storms and earthquakes, in the songs of birds, in the howl of a wolf, in the grace of a deer, in the smile of your child/spouse/parent/friend, in the sensual embrace of your lover, in the flowing water of a river, in the shape of a cloud, in the cosmic music of the shimmering particles and waves that make up our universe! Go outside, be in nature and tune in to the teachings of Mother Earth. Get your Ego out of spirit’s way and open yourself to listening deeply to the existent wisdom of our world. Accepting the animal part of humanity as a source of knowledge will help bring harmony, peace and generosity back to our deadened species.
It is time to initiate a new quest for spiritual knowledge. Is your spiritual path ready for an overhaul? Have you been doing the same practice day in and day out without questioning its effectiveness? Take stock and question your current beliefs, whatever they may be. Be open. Seek knowledge from cultures and spiritual traditions that exist all around the globe. Don’t concentrate solely on seeking an intellectual understanding of spirituality through written or spoken words. If you haven’t tried to do a ritual yet, this is the time to start. Just open up and listen, you will know exactly what to do!