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Dear Aunt Flo, I am really interested in using cloth pads- having considered making my own in the past but not being sure how to make them absorbent enough. I have a really heavy flow and flood a lot. Are cloth pads absorbent enough to cope with this? Many thanks, Lyds

Hi Lyds,  My daughter has suffered with menorrhagia (very heavy periods) and found cloth pads more absorbent than the super night time pads- and she said she wasn’t scared of leaking or flooding in them! (Her bleeding isn’t so bad now after using a ‘Liver Tonic’ drink recommended by her naturopath)

Also you may find your bleeding lessens when using a more natural sanitary protection. The design of the Moon Times Pads, with the wings and choice of different inserts are extremely efficient. If you choose the right amount of inserts for the absorbency of your flow, the pads should not leak at all. For extra security there are inserts made from a double layer of towelling with a polyurethane backing! Not using enough inserts is usually the cause of leaking, so use more inserts; 1 or 2 is suitable for light to med flow, 2 -4 for medium to heavy. Towelling inserts are the most absorbent!

Good luck & bright blessings, Aunt Flo xxx

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