Ask Aunt Flo…Moon Lodge Question

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Dear Aunt Flo , What exactly is a Moon Lodge? could you explain? thanks Kate.

Hi Kate, well, The Moon lodge originates from the Native American Indian tradition. They honoured the moon time as sacred, it was treated with respect. The Moon Lodge is a Sacred Place for women to gather during their Bleeding Time. It was when we connected to Moon and Earth, Grandmother and Mother, and to each other. We were welcomed back into our communities, which eagerly awaited our return, to hear the wisdom we had gained.

In these modern, changing times, women are reconnecting with and recreating the Moon lodge Ceremonies. We are discovering our voices and our inherent role as Wisdom Keepers.

The information received as the menses begins in the clearest human picture from within the womb of the Great Mystery, of the unknown and our future. Among our dreaming peoples, the most prophetic dreams and visions were brought to the people through the Moon Lodge. In other words, the most useful information that can come to us comes from each of you women who use your moon time well.

For each of us who do not honour this time, much is lost, including the respect of others for our bleeding.

At the first Red Web Conference that their fantasy was that there would be a Moon Lodge in every town and that there would be some type of directory so one could just look it up and then drop in. What an amazing thought!

Setting up monthly Full Moon gatherings are a step towards building a local community a Moon Lodge- but for me the Lodge isn’t an actual space- it is the women who take part.

Much love Aunt Flo xxxx