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Hi Aunt Flo

I am really interested in charting my cycle, but i’m a bit wary as a friend of mine was using it for natural birth control and became pregnant- twice! One time was while she was bleeding! (the first time she had an abortion, and the second time- quite soon after, she decided to keep the baby- and she was very welcome- although a bit of a surprise!)

I’d really like to come off the Pill and try something more natural but I am a bit scared, can you offer any advice?

Thanks, Denise, Exeter


Hi Denise

your question has brought up some interesting points.

Firstly – you can only consider cycle charting as a natural contraceptive if your cycle is regular (roughly every 28 days), if you have an irregular cycle, the first steps are getting it regular for quite a few months before using this method. (Alexandra Popes’ book Wild Genie has lots of info for healthy regular cycles)

The Billings Method book a clear guide for women whose cycles are regular or irregular, who are coming off the pill, breastfeeding or approaching menopause I’d recommend this book for women with irregular cycles.

If you are coming off the Pill (or any hormonal contraceptive) it can take a while for your cycle to normalise- so its recommended you chart your cycle for a few months while it regularises. In the meantime I would recommend using a barrier method (condom or similar) for contraceptive while you get the hang of charting your ovulation.

And once you have the hang of knowing when you’re ovulating, you still need to consider some sort of contraceptive! Or choose to abstain on those days.

As for your friend -well there are flaws in natural methods of contraception! You can ovulate when the Moon is in your Sun sign (so its always worth charting the moons cycles along side your own!) this is known as your natal moon- its something you can google!

And ….this is where I get a bit deep and spiritual!….. Its my belief that we have ‘soul agreements’ with other souls and one such agreement might be to bring them in to form!

I once had an amazing experience when I went with a friend for her abortion, while it was happening I sat and sent her reiki and loving energy and I became aware of a room filled with angels- there was no judgment of what she was doing, just pure love and my sense was that the ‘baby’ hadn’t incarnated yet (many religions believe the soul doesn’t incarnate (enter the physical form) til later in the pregnancy) and that this whole experience for my friend was all about a ‘lesson’ for her relationship rather than anything to do with the unborn child.

Anyway…back to your friend, it sounds like she had a soul ready to come through her, and because of her abortion, this soul decided to take any opportunity to come in- so although she was bleeding, that soul jumped in there and hung on!!

I would also like to point out that some women do bleed during pregnancy, which can confuse you if you are unaware you are pregnant and are trying to chart your cycle- so It could be that your friend was already pregnant and had a bleed and thought it was a period?

Well those are my thoughts on it all 🙂

Just to reassure you – I have been charting my cycle for contraception for 15 years, I do have a very regular cycle, and I have only become pregnant when I wanted to! Once! I do have 2 older children, my daughter is 22 and I become pregnant with her whilst on the Pill, and my son is 19 – it was after having him I began to explore natural fertility/contraception.

The Moon Times Cycle Charting book can be bought  here it comes with a set of beads as a visual aid to tracking your cycle and a moon chart so you can follow the moons cycle too!

Warm wishes, Aunt Flo xxx

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