Celebrating Your Moon Time!

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Celebrating Your Moon Time! By Rachael Hertogs

o Contemplate your first period and be grateful to your body for
all the years it has supported you and for all you have gone through – your life has brought you to where you are now!
o Give your period a name that creates affirmative thoughts about it; Moon Time, my moon, red moon, red tide, scared cycle, moon cycle, my flow, my sacred time, my special time…..
o Make a special Menstruation cushion for you to sit on while you bleed
o Sew a soft red bag to keep your sanitary wear in
o Chart your cycle so you know when you are due, and book a day off!
o Create an intention at each bleeding time to use the magic of your blood to bring healing in to your life
o Give yourself a henna hand tattoo
o Wear red knickers
o Rest and relax- have a massage, do gentle yoga, sit by the fire, chant, meditate etc
o Use soft comfortable cloth menstrual pads
o Make a menstrual journal and record your dreams, visions, feelings during your Moon Time
o Ask a friend/partner to cook your favourite meal
o Create a peaceful place (your personal moon lodge/red tent); dedicate a room to your moon time ; decorate the room with fabrics and candles
o Make a red silk dream pillow stuffed with relaxing herbs- only to use when you’re bleeding! (sleep herbs are chamomile, lavender & lemon balm, for a Menstrual pillow use hops, rose petals, lavender and mugwort)
o Light red candles
o Choose special moon time bedding; red satin sheets or red flowers…
o Make a menstrual belt with leather strips and beads
o ‘Take a personal inventory’ before your period; complete any tasks that need finishing, say things that you may have been bottling up during the month, ‘clear you side of the street’ so you can be fully present with your Moon Time.
o Wear a red scarf
o Stock up on good foods for your bleeding time
o Drink red juice- grape, pomegranate, cherry, cranberry, beetroot
o Begin a women’s circle; meet with friends and share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences of your cycle.
o Make a Moon Time Altar, choose special items that reflect your moon time and support the meditative qualities of this time of the month.
o Buy or make a special moon time necklace to wear when you bleed
o Eat red foods- beetroot, apples, cherries, strawberries, pomegranates, red onions, red peppers, cranberries, raspberries
o Buy herbal teas and tinctures that ease your menstruation
o Turn off the TV, your mobile phone, the computer, the lights and sit in candle light
o Wear red lipstick!
o Read inspirational women’s books
o Leave water out under the full moon, drink it and let the moons energy fill you
o Have someone braid/comb your hair
o Splash or spray yourself with Rose water
o Sing a song to Grandmother Moon
o Buy or make a special Moon Jar/container to keep your Moon Time things in, such as cloth pads/moon cup, jewellery, belts, altar items, fabrics, candles etc
o Paint or henna your nails
o Make a Moon Lodge; a place for bleeding women to gather, sing, relax & share women’s wisdom together.
o Read books about the Goddess
o Henna your hair
o Write in your journal about what has happened in your life since your last bleeding time.
o Meditate on the moon
o Make a list of all the things inn life that nourish you and make you happy
o Ask yourself- what is my image of a woman who embodies the scared and holy time of menstruation?
o Stay in bed all day, sleep, dream & bleed!
o Bleed directly on to the earth
o Wear a red skirt or dress
o Wash your cloth pads and sing a song to the earth while watering the ground with your blood water.
o Draw or paint, get creative- just see what comes
o Burn incense or sage and give thanks and a healing prayer- let the smoke carry your prayers in to the universe
o Honour your scared intuition, surround yourself with things that help heighten your menstrual sensory perception
o Your blood is sacred- dedicate your blood flow to healing.
o Say a prayer of gratitude when you begin to bleed each month; thanking your body for connecting you to the rhythm of life.
o Anoint yourself with scented oils
o Wear red clothes!
o Eat chocolate!
o Buy a red hot water bottle
o Paint with your blood!
o As your blood flows from you give an intention it is aiding you in letting go of anything you are holding on to that isn’t supporting your life’s choices.
o Make a belly pouch- to keep your hot water bottle at your belly (or use a scarf)
o Drum, rattle, sing, chant, then in the quiet listen to your inner voice- ask it for guidance
o Play with divination/oracle cards
o Gather your women friends for a pamper evening, give each other face masks, foot rubs and eat lovely snacks!
o Have orgasms- they ease cramps!
o Rub warm oil on your lower back and belly
o Bathe in rose petals
o Make a red hot water bottle cover to ease your cramps
o Tell your friends and family you are on your Moon Time
o Make a massage oil blend just for your bleeding time, use it every day you are bleeding.
o Give thanks to your body and tell her you love her!
o Go for a night time walk and see what phase the moon is in. make a note in your journal and compare moon phases each month.

Written in 1998 added to when inspired further by 105 Ways to Celebrate your Menstruation by Kami Mc Bride
© 2005 Rachael Hertogs, all Rights Reserved