[guest blog] Be Creative with your Cycle by Dominique Sakoilsky

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This article is published in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs.
Be Creative with your Cycle by Dominique Sakoilsky

Our bleeding time is a time to turn inwards- its nice to have a special place to go (this is where the tribal moon lodges came from)…here’s some ideas for you! Give yourself a space, especially for your bleeding time, where you can be comfortable, relax, turn inwards and connect to yourself and the earth.

Some ideas to create a space for moon time:
Cushions, pillows, blankets.
Tarot cards, runes.
Pencils, paints, pens, paper – to make notes, pictures, poems, dreams.
A drum.
Goddess figures.
Special shells, stones, crystals.
Candles, incense and smudge stick (sage for cleansing & protecting, sweet grass for spirit and mugwort for visions.)
Oil burner (chamomile and lavender essential oils to relax.)
Massage oil.
Don’t over clutter your space or make yourself feel over stimulated, bleeding time is a time of reflection and inner connectedness which flows out to connect all around.
Often, making things helps to still the mind and help us deeper in to the wisdom of our bodies.
Dream pillows stuffed with lavender flowers and mugwort, decorated especially by you makes a beautiful bleeding time gift to yourself, or making a prayer stick: choose a stick that appeals to you and wrap threads of different colours and textures all around it, add other decorations, such as beads, crystals- anything that feels right. Smudging and chanting while you work will help open your heart and put healing intent and prayers into your stick. You could keep all your sticks from each month and burn them together in a ritual to release your prayers or burn it each time you make one.
Threading a necklace; putting healing and sacred energy in to it, connecting to your cycling nature when you wear it. Choose beads that relate to your different cycle phases and the moons cycle.
Touch your menstrual blood or paint with it, how does that feel? Does it bring up feelings of how you relate to your blood, the way it looks, feels, smells?

All these suggestions can help you open the doorway to your intuition and enter your Dream Time.


Dominique is now a Director at Relaxed Birth and Parenting www.relaxedbirthandparenting.com