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Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup

Ruby Cup is healthy, high quality and long-lasting, made of 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone that can be re-used for up to 10 years.

Ruby Cup is an award-winning Danish menstrual cup brand with social, environmental and health benefits.

Ruby Cup comes in two sizes, small and medium. Ruby Cup small is recommended for girls and women with a light flow and Ruby Cup Medium for women with a medium to heavy flow.

Please ensure that you select the correct size.

For hygiene reasons we cannot exchange/refund these products.

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The future of menstrual hygiene is surely not disposable… costly and damaging to the environment, there is a better way to manage your period than with pads or tampons that are flushed away after each use. Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup made of 100% top quality medical-grade silicone designed as an internal collection device for menstrual fluid. With no toxic chemicals, no absorbent fibres, and no additives or perfumes, Ruby Cup is a healthy, risk-free solution to menstruation that can be worn, emptied, cleaned, and reused for up to 10 years. And thanks to the cup’s long lifespan, the waste that would be generated by disposable products is eliminated so it’s much healthier for the environment too!

Ruby Cup also offers a unique social benefit thanks to its ‘buy one, give one’ policy: every time a Ruby Cup is bought online, one is distributed to an underprivileged girl in Kenya.
Not many people are willing to talk about what underprivileged women in the developing world do each month when they menstruate. When they cannot afford disposable sanitary products (which are expensive and scarce), these women and girls have to find alternatives such as mud, bark, rags, cloth or pieces of newspaper. As well as being undignified and unhygienic, this lack of sanitary protection means that they often miss school or work for the duration of their period, and lose out on valuable education and income.

Giving these women disposable products is not a sustainable solution as they are costly, damaging to the environment and difficult to dispose of hygienically. A longer-term, cost-effective alternative is needed and at Ruby Cup, we believe that menstrual cups are it.

'Ruby Cup' is the winner of The Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2012 (US), Venture Cup 2012 (DK), a selected Sustainia100 Solution, Finalist in Ben & Jerry's Join Our Core 2012 (EU), and 2nd prize recipient of the Future Impact Award 2012 (CH)
With each purchase a Ruby Cup is distributed to an underprivileged girl in Kenya. The main benefits of Ruby Cup are:
* Eco-friendly: Ruby Cup has a lifespan of up to 10 years, making it a super eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Switching to Ruby Cup eliminates the waste generated by the 11,000 tampons and pads an average woman uses in her lifetime (not to mention all the items of cardboard and plastic packaging).
* Social: Every time you make a Ruby Cup purchase, we give a cup to a school girl in Kenya.
* Healthy: Ruby Cup is made of 100% top quality medical grade silicone, making it much healthier than pads and tampons that contain chemicals, bleach and perfumes.
* Cost-saving: Ruby Cup will save you tonnes of money as each cup lasts for 10 years.
* Super safe and convenient: Ruby Cup contains 2 to 3 times the capacity of normal tampons and can be worn for up to 12 hours.

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