SALE Set ~ Frozen Set with 1 panty liner & 6 pads


Moon Times® Cloth Pads are the soft and comfortable alternative to disposable pads! Hand made from breathable cotton, you'll feel confident & fresh. 

This pad set Includes: 1 panty liner, 6 pad pockets and 12 inserts.

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Suitable for all women of all ages but especially make an ideal gift for young women new to their menses and for new mothers who need soft cloth against their delicate tissue after giving birth. They can also be used by women who suffer from slight incontinence. 

How do they work? Inserts (small liner) go inside the pocket of the pad (or a few if you are bleeding heavily). The whole pad (including inserts) gets changed when you need a fresh pad. 

Moon Times® pads are made with flannelette and organic fair-trade cotton. Inserts are organic fair-trade cotton. Flannelette is both soft and absorbent and used as the ‘top’ layer- next to your skin. Pads have wings and fasten easily with a press stud so they are very secure! 

Not using enough inserts is usually the cause of leaking, so use more inserts; 1 or 2 is suitable for light to med flow, 2 -4 for medium to heavy. 

Moon Times® Cloth Panty Liners are for the lighter days at each end of your moontime, and are suitable for slight incontinence. Panty liners are made from soft flannelette with a sandwich of thin towelling inside and an organic fair-trade cotton underside. They fasten quickly and easily with a press stud/popper!

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