Websites I love

For Shopping

Organic UK made cloth pads and panty liners, moon sponges and cups

Natural sponge tampons – with attitude!

Wise Woman Herbal- Reclaim your  feminine energy through the healing power of nature, wild healing for wild women.

Cloth pads in the USA

The Red Tent Movie home page

Lovely balms for all over use & great for babies bottoms!

Fun pro breastfeeding baby t-shirts


Rites for girls


The Happy Womb www.thehappywomb

Museum of menstruation

Pregnancy, birth & parenting 
Making memories with seasonal celebrations and rites of passage rituals… authentically! helping you create celebrations that are really meaningful to YOU!
Organic Health and Beauty- shop and info

Wonderful Women

Leonie Dawson

Lucy Pearce


Miss George Rose…best reflexology treatments ever!!

Mo Kendall….based nr Bath

Low cost therapies in Bristol

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