Welcome to the Purple Tent

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Welcome to the PURPLE TENT: a new, visionary space, birthed by my colleague DeAnna L’am, as a place for our Wisdom Years! This is the NEXT STEP after the Red Tent… While in the Red Tent women bleed together, rest, renew, and simply BE… in the Purple Tent – women practice their Inner Power, embody FREEDOM, and dare to be … Read More

Join the Red Tent Summit…Newsletter

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Dearest Sisters I hope this newsletter finds you well and settling into the energy of the new year. It has been busy here since my return from Morrocco, including the first weekend of this years Thirteen Moons Circle, we all enjoyed a wonderful day sitting in circle and getting to know each other a little better! (thanks Emma for the … Read More

Happy New Year from Moon Times…Newsletter

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Greetings Sisters! So we find ourselves in the last few days of 2015, a sort of inbetween place.  The Solstice or Christmas excitement is done and we wait for a new year to begin.  This can be a great time of rest and stillness if you can take it, before the world winds back up again.  What intentions are you … Read More

Using a talking piece…or not?

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When taking part in circle, such as at a Red Tent its important to find ways to help manage the conversation.  As you might imagine, bringing women together creates plenty of talk!  It may be that your Red Tent circle is, at times at least, quite informal and conversation can just flow freely and not need any management.  However if … Read More

Red Tent Tele Summit!! Sign up now!

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Dear Sisters, Are you inspired by the vision of ‘Red Tents In Every Neighbourhood‘? Are you ready for A Red Tent in YOUR Neighbourhood? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one in your city, town, village, or community? Imagine not having to wait any longer… Imagine knowing how to create a Red Tent, monthly, where you, and your women friends, can simply BE, rather than DO… … Read More

Wonderful Red Tent Weekend

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So last weekend I went to the Wonderful Womens Red Tent Weekend in Bristol- and Oh what a Wonderful weekend it was! So many amazing women to connect with, we held sacred space, had yoga, belly dancing, drumming, we did cunt craft,  singing, fire ceremony, made a beautiful nature mandala, shared blood mysteries and talked about menarche- celebrating ourselves and … Read More