For over 20 years I have held a dream of a community menstrual hut or red tent; a real space that is avaliable all month round for women of the local community, village and surrounding areas to retreat to when needed. A space where women are welcomed with a soothing herbal tea, simple foods, warmth, comfort, inspiring books, tools for creativity and going within. Or maybe just a space where they can sleep in peace!

Many people have wondered why there might be a need for such a space (which I explain further in the video below) and why should they support *this* red tent? Well my vision is one of a Red Tent in every village, town and many, many of them in the cities! And by contributing towards this one becoming a reality then a ripple will spread and permanent Red Tents will begin to pop up everywhere! I was so inspired to meet DeAnna Lam at the Red Web Foundation conference and find she too holds a vision of a Red Tent in every neighbourhood of the USA- a soul sister! Together we can create a web of Red Tents across the world!



(Image Red Tent Yurt, Temple Druid, Pembrokeshire)

I recently made the decision to use some of my personal funds to purchase a yurt which is now up on a beautiful secluded piece of land behind my home  and it has already held a women’s circle in it. However I still need to raise further funds to complete the project and to return the personal funds I have spent on it.

13 moons1(Image Red Tent Yurt being used for the first time!)

Any monies raised will be MATCH FUNDED by Moon Times! To donate click her to go to our GoFundMe page Community Red Tent 

Myself and some of the women from my local Red Tent group will care for the space and support women as needed.
This space will also serve as our Red Tents monthly meeting space, a workshop space and our vision for the future is that it could be used as a low cost retreat space for women from further afeild who may need a weeks break in the peaceful surroundings of green Pembrokeshire.
redtent_t(Image, the first red tent I ever saw, Glastonbury Festival 1994)

Our vision also includes the space being somewhere pregnant women can come and just be, to tune in with themselves and thier babies, away from the distractions of work, city life, other children…There is a team of local doulas, midwives and healers dedicated to the work of the red tent who can offer thier services when needed. There may even be the opportunity to use the space as a birthing hut if needed.

To donate click her to go to our GoFundMe page Community Red Tent

Image- Red Tent on the land in Pembrokeshire

The Red Tent will also serve as a ceremonial space; where the young women of our community will welcomed in to thier womanhood through a Menarche Ceremony, pregnant women will be showered with love at their blessingways here, babies will be celebrated and named here and older women will be honoured with a cronehood ceremony.

Even teenage women know how important these spaces are!

For every donation on the GoFundMe page that is over £10 I am offering my ebook, Grandmother Moon 13 Moons Journal for you to print and chart your cycle. Learn about the goddesses celebrated each month and keep track of your cycle and the moon.
This ebook is a chapter taken from the book Thirteen Moons – A compilation of all the hand outs and articles by many different women from my Power of Menstruation course, over the last 10 years! A 250+ page book, Thirteen Moons includes many articles by inspiring and amazing women, poems, art, stories and much more!

Thirteen Moons is available from
Plus 10% off at my webshop

Donations over £25 will recive my Menarche, a Journey into Womanhood ebook, A mums and girls guide to celebrating her first period; includes menarche (first period) stories, ways to celebrate her first period, mum & daughter bonding ideas,the connection to the moon, understanding your cycle, menstrual tips, suggested books and much more! This book is a chance to explore your feelings, thoughts, creativity that comes from being a bleeding woman, it will help you understand how your cycle and body are influenced by your hormones and the ebb and flow of the moons cycles.
Plus 15% off at my webshop

The auction is happening via Facebook over the Spring Equinox weekend, 20th-21st March.

We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of our donors, there really is something for everyone and something to suit every pocket.

Some items will be sold via auction so you bid what you can afford and other items will be done as a raffle dip, you might get a bargain for £1.24! (£1 ticket plus paypal fee).

Please come and sign up to the Facebook Event where we will post regular updates and details of how to take part in the Auction in due course.

THANK YOUS….  HUGE THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTERS! (in no particular order!)


Miranda Gray

Miranda Gray is a bridge between the worlds of creativity, healing and spiritual awareness and the world of well-being and the workplace. Her experience as an author, artist, healer and businesswoman, teamed with a consciousness born of actively living in harmony with her cyclic nature as a woman, gives Miranda a unique understanding; an understanding of what it means to be female in a modern world that does not support female energies and female cycles. Through her writing, talks and workshops Miranda actively helps women to discover their authentic individual femininity and spirituality. Her down-to-earth approach to spirituality offers women a life-changing guide to living in tune with their true nature and empowers them to embrace and express all apects of their female energies.

Grace Quantock

Grace Quantock, former sick chick turned wellness trail blazer, speaker, writer and entrepreneur activator – I blazed my own trail to healing and now help others to do the same.

Mezzie Elen Lucerne-Lambourne

Mezzie crafts things of Timeless beauty, made for comfort, cosiness and sheer indulgence from the finest yarns she can source…

Karin Chandler

I am a Druid Pagan walking the path of the apprentice wise woman with a deep passion for working with the blood mysteries. I spin words, craft, music and ancient women’s wisdom together into my work. I love working with women, seeing how well we rise to the challenge of finding common ground with other sisters, admiring their strengths and offering support when they are brought low by their burdens. I weave the threads of birth and death into my work, having had the honour of being a doula for a friend’s home birth. I also cared for my father-in-law at home until he died there. I am an advocate for sacred birth and death as well as the individual’s personal choice in how & where to give birth and die.

DeAnna Lam

Fondly known as ‘Womb Visionary’, DeAnna L’am is an internationally recognized pioneer of Menstrual Empowerment. She is the author of ‘Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood’ and ‘A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period’; founder of ‘Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™’, and of ‘Red Tents In Every Neighborhood – Global Network’.
DeAnna has been transforming lives worldwide for over 25 years, teaching women and girls how to love themselves unconditionally! She helps women dissolve PMS symptoms by drawing spiritual strength from their cycle; Guides women in the art of welcoming girls to empowered womanhood, and teaches women how to hold Red Tents. Her vision is to have a Red Tent in every neighborhood, village, town and city, and in order to make this a reality, she has been training women worldwide as Red Tent Activators!


My work is about thresholds – I have always been fascinated by them. As a child any gateway or hidden door symbolised a mystery to be followed. As an adult they are represented by endings and beginnings – metaphorical gateways. Sometimes these life changes can feel overwhelming or chaotic, however when navigated with intention and support they become alive and numinous, they become places of exploration and power. I feel it is vital that we honour the big rites of passage and the smaller ones that are woven through our feminine life processes. Ceremony provides a way to celebrate these awakenings on our journey towards wholeness.

Claire Taylor

I created Cherish from my own ever evolving experience of learning to love and cherish myself.
I want us as women to enjoy our timeless beauty and feminine essence.
I advocate the softness of women. I long for us to be recognised as valuable for our gentle strength, supporting us to dive deeper into being intimate with all things.
The things i create are made to hold, nurture, clothe and celebrate all that is mysterious within us.
As a woman I really know how important it is to feel safe, held and protected to enjoy and delight in the deliciousness of being a woman.

Heikie Kolwe

All about/around and for laughter from Potters Bar and into the world! About Gelotology the study of Laughter…. not wibble wobble Jelly…

Heather Ash

Heather Ash, coach, writer, and blogger who loves playing with her family, taking walks, and drinking coffee. She runs Happiness Mama – where you can come to relax, recharge, and read about happiness at home, for more peace and time for what really matters, you and the people you love.

Isadora Leidenfrost

Dr. Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost is trained as both a filmmaker, a textile historian, and a feminist folklorist. Her mission is to create multi-media to empower women. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to her educational experiences, Dr. Isadora has owned and operated Soulful Media, her film production company since 2004 and has produced 13 films since she began. Dr. Isadora continues to be inspired by international travel and many of her films have led her to live in and travel in more than 18 countries.

Hoppi Wimbush

Flower Power Organics- Our small artisan skincare business, based at the Lammas Ecovillage in Pembrokeshire, West Wales – – was founded by Hoppi Wimbush. Every product created is imbued with home grown and locally foraged herbs and flowers from our newly established Herbarie – a total haven for bees, butterflies and pollinators.

Jam Sponge

The Jam Sponge has attitude! The Jam Sponge a natural unbleached Sea Sponge that is used internally in place of a tampon.

Moon Times

Moon Times Menstrual Products are used by all women of all ages, all over the world! Washable Organic & Patterned Cloth Pads & Panty Liners, Moon Sponges & Cups are becoming more and more popular; they are the comfortable & safe alternatives to disposables; free from bleaches, irritants and chemicals!

Awen Clement

Independent celebrant and healer working based in the Midlands, UK.It is my honour and privilege as a celebrant to lead handfasting, naming ceremonies, blessingway and other celebrations and rituals to mark life’s rites of passage. I offer healing and ceremony for women, particularly connected to the child bearing year.

Hannah Willow

Hannah’s work is often described as a remembering. She connects into the ancient earth, the hidden stories held within and upon the land and draws them into her work. She encourages people to see and feel what she sees and feels… A deep connection to the landscape and the hares, stags, bees and other creatures that live upon it. Hannah endeavours to draw back time and show that the myth, legend, folklore and stories of this land are woven deep into our bones, that we are all part of it, inextricably connected to each other, to time past and time future. She tries to convey ancestral spirit of place, of rock and bone, of fur and feather, hidden deep in the soil, and calls us to remember, to feel that belonging and that knowledge within ourselves. Hannah’s inspiration comes from the land, wild and free places, stories and folklore, poetry, myth and legend.

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Jane Hardwicke Collings is an independent midwife from Australia, who has been attending homebirths since 1984. She is herself a homebirth mother of four, a grandmother and a teacher of the Women’s Mysteries. She gives workshops, writes books and has founded The School of Shamanic Midwifery. Jane lives in the country of NSW with her husband, some of her children and many animal friends. As Jane says, she’s working for the Goddess.

Lucy Pearce

author of four books, publisher at Womancraft Publishing, a vibrant artist of the lost feminine, red tent leader, creative mentor and teacher of transformational women’s workshops. I am also the mama of three young children, who keep me grounded!

Melanie Swan

Through my own personal healing and awakening of The Sacred Womb, I have come to utilise my moon cycle as a pathway to independent transformation and a direct source of wisdom. My focus is now on bringing to my fellow Sisters, what I feel we intrinsically know but have forgotten.

Clare Warren

Qualified Homoeopath and Vibrational Essence Practitioner who specialises in womens health. She is a Reiki Healer and a certified Moon Mother, Menstruality Educator and Workshop Facilitator, who works from a clinic in Windmill Hill, Bristol and teaches around the South West of England. My framework of experience is centred on Women’s Health and honouring the natural flow of the Feminine Cycle. I enjoy working with women of all ages to help restore their natural balance and offer support from my skill set where needed.

Lily Ayre

I have, for as long as I can remember, felt a calling to nurture and support people. During this journey I have traveled many paths, and these lead me to study and train in a variety of therapies that I now use today. My goal as a practitioner is to help you achieve whatever it is you want from your life. What I love is to see people shine; become healthy, happy and contented.

Glennie Kindred

I write and illustrated books on Earth wisdom, Earth cycles, Celtic festivals, trees, herbs, hedgerow gathering and cookery, creating our own ceremonies and alchemy. I am interested in taking old knowledge and creatively applying it to our lives today. I believe that as we heal ourselves and our relationship to the Earth, we add to the healing of our world.

Heidi Wyldwood

Heidi’s work includes- Health, inspiration, empowerment and wisdom for women – working with cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb – Workshops, Mentoring, Moon Lodge, Red Tents!

Amyra Mah

Spiritual coach, addiction therapist, intuitive counsellor, psychospiritual alchemist and visionary writer, Deep Soulworker. I am passionate about guiding you to find your personal power, spiritual meaning, and a profound sense of comfort within so that you can liberate your true, magnificent self.

Susie Ro

Susie is a dynamic workshop leader as well as a talented singer-songwriter, voice tutor and composer for choirs. She tours with her popular harmony singing workshops and Alchemy of Song weekends, working to integrate the joy of singing into many sectors of modern society. She performs regularly as part of a soulful acoustic duo, Susie Ro & Ayla, and is also musical director of the 120-strong choir, Shakti Sings, for Glastonbury Festival. She has recently been sharing her gifts at the exciting international New Story Summit at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

Alexandra Pope

I work as a women’s leadership coach, facilitator and counsellor. I am also author of a number of books. Along with colleagues in Australia, for the last twenty–five years I have pioneered a ground–breaking approach to women’s physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing based on the cycle and the journey form menarche to menopause.

Pixie Craft

Handcrafted clothing with a pixie touch. I started making these waistcoats for my oldest son who’s now 3yrs old. I struggled to find really warm clothing which he could wear in his wheelchair, or sitting in a buggy, which didn’t get all bulked up around his waist and which allowed free movement for his arms. I also found that most boys clothing was pretty boring, and made to make them look like little ‘men’, not children, so I set out making a pattern, and then using an accidentally felted jumper of my dad’s.

Dominique Sakiolsky

Dominique has worked in the arena of birth and parenting with great passion for over 20 years, firstly in London at the Active Birth Centre, then in Bristol for the past 16 years. Her enthusiasm for supporting families has led her to work and train in varied related areas, including Relate, Family Counselling, Craniosacral Therapy and Yoga, and this has informed much of the work she does.

Welcome World Cafe

All the formulas in Welcome World’s Herbal Tea Range have evolved from Master Herbalist Amanda Rayment’s many years of private herbal practice. The teas are hand blended using wild crafted and organically grown herbs. They are produced using traditional herbal knowledge as loose leaf tea. At Welcome World we believe not only does this produce the best quality, best tasting herbal tea, also the most effective way to receive the herbs’ fantastic wellbeing qualities. It is real herbal tea, offering a great cuppa packed with goodness! Amanda Rayment is a trained practitioner in herbal medicine, a member of the professional body AMH and runs a herbal clinic in the UK. A qualified antenatal teacher and passionate about the parent and child relationship, Amanda is the founder of Welcome World and one of the cofounders of the antenatal teachers training programme “Bringing Antenatal Teaching Home.”


My music is inspired by the earth, nature, people and love. Many songs are dedicated to women and the Goddess, a celebration of both mine and others’ journey into womanhood.

Clare Blake

Clare Blake is the founder of Fertility Massage Therapy & Training. This unique therapy is a blend of many traditional therapies with a focus on bringing awareness both physically & energetically to the womb. A fertile womb is not just one that creates babies; a healthy & fertile womb creates magic and fulfils desires, allowing a woman to fully express herself. “To heal the womb, is to heal the woman” Clare offers a 4 day practitioner course, workshops in Rebozo and Self Help, and has a clinic in London & Essex.

Marissa Newell

Marissa makes Alchemical plant medicines. Her Spagyric tinctures offer a more energetically complete herb or plant extraction. These concentrated extractions contain the three essentials – that is, the body, soul and spirit – of the herb or plant, purified and recombined in an exalted medicinal form. The spagyric technique is part of the ancient initiatic tradition of alchemy – the Art that lies at the heart of the inner traditions of the West.


Our essences are made in the beautiful wilds of North Wales. Flower, gem and environmental essences are a vibrational medicine. This means that they work on the subtle bodies: things like our emotions – not always so subtle heh!? And our auras—something certainly less tangible. But you don’t need to be a clairvoyant or even a hippie to feel what I am talking about. This is real experience. Just go into nature, put your bare feet on the earth and notice how you feel. Take a look around you and notice what plants surround you. Nature is everywhere and we are part of it. Just doing this simple activity reminds us that we are connected to the greater picture- not alone and isolated, as we can all easily feel sometimes. Flower essences take this connection a step further. Like many traditional medicine practitioners, I believe that nature is a wonderful gift. We are surrounded by plants and beings that want to connect with us. They want to share a lesson or different perspective. Their messages are everywhere if we have the eyes to see and the ears to listen. Soul Tree Essence bottle these gifts from nature and help us to connect deeply and fully with our soul, bringing pure Spirit into our daily lives.

The Mother Magazine

Natural, gentle parenting magazine

Holly Worton

PSYCH-K® facilitator. After training as a reiki practitioner, an IRECA practitioner, a coach, and an NLP practitioner, I discovered PSYCH-K®. After initially training in PSYCH-K® for personal use, I saw just how powerful it was, and I added it to my existing business, Socially Holistic. I’ve recently been receiving requests for PSYCH-K® sessions that are not related to business and marketing issues, so I’ve set up this separate website to showcase my services as a PSYCH-K® facilitator. I have also trained in the PSYCH-K® Health & Wellness workshop, which means that I’m now available to work with shifting beliefs around issues of health and wellness. One important aspect of PSYCH-K® is the coaching bit that we do at the beginning of each session, so we can get clear on the root of the condition that you want to change. That often involves digging deeper under the surface level, and I’ve found that my background in coaching is really important in helping people to get to the root of things.

Jackie Stewart

When you keep your heart open, you discover infinite love, inspiration and Soul-deep wisdom. I was born at a Beltane full moon, when the sun was in Taurus and the moon was in Scorpio. I’m intuitive, playful, deep, creative, down to earth, a little bit magical and passionate about the healing power of nature.

 Teika Bellamy

Dr Teika Bellamy is a mother-of-two, founder and editor-in-chief of Mother’s Milk Books. After gaining a Ph.D. in Chemical Research from University College London she went on to conduct postdoctoral research at Imperial College, London. She then taught Chemistry at secondary level at two private schools, first Collingham College in London and then St Mary’s in Cambridge. She took a career break after having her first child and began to explore other avenues of creativity. She became a breastfeeding counsellor shortly before her second child was born and then began to edit and graphically design Feedback – the La Leche League Leaders’ newsletter, producing two bumper issues of the magazine. She has since been a guest editor of Breastfeeding Matters – the La Leche League members’ magazine, and been interviewed by various wonderful bloggers about her role as editor of Mother’s Milk Books. Alongside her ongoing publishing work she writes, draws and paints. She has written articles which have been published in various parenting magazines: New Beginnings, Practical Parenting, The Green Parent, JUNO and The Mother. Her poetry and art have also appeared in Wild Sister and Parent Tribe.

Jo Macdonald

Jo firmly believes that every woman deserves to live a life where Beauty, Joy, Abundance and Authenticity are part of everyday life. As a mum of 3, a wife and a business owner, she understands how easy it is to put these things on the back burner, to dismiss them as unimportant or feel as though you don’t deserve them in your life. BUT she has also learned that when you shift your priorities, tap into your natural energies and include those things in your life amazing things begin to happen. Jo believes that no matter where you are in your life it is ‘never too late to be what you might have been’. You just need to start NOW. As she continues on her own path to make even more of her dreams come true and consciously create the life she truly desires she is committed to sharing everything she learns along the way with others.

Susan Merrick

A Freelance Artist working with enthusiastic clients from a wide variety of industries to develop beautiful artwork and creative projects.

Jaine Rose

I am completely inspired by the land – being the witch that I am – hills, woodlands, ocean, moor, stars, moon, rivers, valleys, trees, and these wonders crop up in my work time after time. I am also pretty excited about magic – folklore, faery, cauldrons, broomsticks, spells, ritual, elementals, hidden realms, labyrinths and other strangeness. I think we have one, precious, fragile, beautiful world, and I think She is worth fighting for.

Molly & Mark Remer

Brigid’s Grove is a partnership between husband and wife team, Molly and Mark. We’ve been happily married since 1998 and have four energetic children. Molly has had a lifelong interest in women’s issues and women’s empowerment. With time, that passion came to focus on birth and breastfeeding and has continued to evolve into a commitment to the entire spectrum of Women’s Mysteries throughout the seasons of a woman’s life.

Rachel Patterson

I am a Witch, a High Priestess, an author and an Elder of the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft. Follow me on facebook:

Veronika Robinson

Author of Cycle to the Moon-  based on the author’s workshops, Sacred Cycle and Cycle to the Moon, offering practical support for every woman who wishes to bleed consciously. It is a celebration of the menstrual trinity: menarche, first blood of the maiden; menstruation, the cycles of the mother; menopause the last blood of the wise crone. This contribution to holistic menstruation reaches beyond culture, taboos and maternal conditioning, and touches the heart of what it means to be a woman. We are all connected to Grandmother Moon, and our bodies reflect the lifestyle we choose. In the style of a journal, this book invites the reader to celebrate her body through reconnecting with her cycles.

Anni Daulter

Anni Daulter is the author of several books, including Sacred Pregnancy, and the founder of the Sacred Living Movement, which encompasses many programs including Sacred Pregnancy, The Art of Sacred Postpartum, Sacred Doula, Sacred Milk, Sacred Relationship, Sacred Midwife, Sacred Beginnings, Sacred Yoga, Sacred Medicine Woman, Sacred Fertility, Sacred Biz and the Pregnant Mama Honoring + I AM Sisterhood Retreats.

Suzi Edwards

I paint and create from the heart, inspired by the Earth, Nature and the Land. I am touched by forests, stirred by landscapes and blessed to be able to honour the land and her children with my creations.
Lover of Earth, beekeeper, wild woman. Goddess painter, mess maker, witch. Maker of things, forest walker, drummer.

Ani Richardson

“A Soulful Nutrition Geek” an advocate of vibrant health, self-care and spiritual growth. Professionally I am a nutritionist with a masters degree in nutritional medicine as well as specialist qualifications in eating disorders and obesity management. Personally I am passionate about providing holistic wellness support.

Collete “Cherish The Cunt”

I’m known as Lady Cunt Love. My real name is Colette and I’m from Ireland. I have lived in Brighton for 8 years and this is where my art studio, The Cuntquarters is located. I am a women’s health researcher, an activist and an artist. I run creative CuntCraft events and perform my poems in my studio and wherever else I am invited. I design educational health resources with a pleasure twist. I believe sexual pleasure needs to be talked about in an open, accessible way.

 Juno Magazine

JUNO is a print and digital quarterly magazine which promotes a natural approach to family life and inspires and supports parents as they journey through the challenges of parenting. We have an ethos based on conscious parenting, sustainability, social justice, non-violence and a commitment to personal growth and spiritual awareness and share fresh perspectives in this fast-paced technological world, creating a non-judgemental community for those who are keen to follow “a natural approach to family life”.

Ember Vincent

My work branches into two areas: Raku and smoke-fired bowls and vases, plus sculptures and other work inspired by goddesses past and present.

Lorraine Ferrier

Lorraine Ferrier is a dynamic Natural Fertility Expert and creator of Fertility Joy – a pioneering program blending ancient wisdom and scientific know-how that make your baby dreams a reality. Over the years, both in the UK and in New Zealand, Lorraine’s comprehensive approach has helped and inspired client’s to navigate through the overwhelm, frustration and depression of infertility to get the family they desire.

Jackie Singer

Jackie Singer is passionate about celebrating rites of passage, and about empowering women to reclaim their instinct and intuition, their wildness and wisdom. She is both an artist (musician, performer and writer) and a healer (originally a drama and movement therapist, now training as a shamanic practitioner), and in all her work seeks to encounter and express the divine feminine.


Do Wild

John Hartil

Amanda Rayment

Becca Arnold

Elizabeth Gould

Mana Marilyn

Salena Walker

Kelly Thresher

Rhian Davies

Donna Raymond

Jo Messore

Em Tivey

Juliet Dunlop

Collette “Lady Cunt Love”


Mo Kendall

Karin Chandler

Jayne Power

Tina Dismukes

Ruth Parham

Elaria Starrider

Tara LeAnn Eriksson