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How would YOU have wanted to be celebrated?

I recently ran a menarche workshop for a group of mothers, we discussed how our mothers had reacted to us when we started our first period and what we would like to offer our daughters. There was a real mix … Continue reading

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Blood and Milk – Self-Care for Breastfeeding Mamas who are Menstruating

(first published on The Happy Womb Sept 2013) I don’t know about you, but I rarely see anything written about breastfeeding and your moontime, I mean how mamas cope with the ups and downs of their cycle while giving to … Continue reading

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Gift for Red Tent Summit

My book- ‘Menarche, A Journey Into Womanhood, a Mum and Girls Guide to her First Period’, is available to those of you in the EU with 25% off throughout February from, using the code 25%OFF at the checkout and … Continue reading


Red Tents in Every Neighbourhood Summit

Red Tents In Every Neighbourhood Summit Dear sister, ~ How would your life have been different if there was a Red Tent in your neighborhood when you grew up? ~ What feeds your soul when you are menstruating? ~ What … Continue reading

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Have you started your Amazing workbook yet?

I am so excited to be working though my Amazing Biz book….using these has totally changed how I run my work life! AND at less than $10 its a bargain! *Click the picture to be taken to the site   … Continue reading

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Red Tent Movie DVD Giveaway!

Hello Wonderful Women!! Giveaway Time!  I am giving 3 Red Tent DVDS- YES 3!!! To Womens Groups in the UK and EU! As I’m sure you’re all very well aware I’m not able to ask you to ‘like and share’ … Continue reading

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Sale at Moon Times!!

Stuck for gift ideas? check out our Clearance page for loads of pads, baby items, teas and more…all REDUCED!


2014 Workbooks!!!

Whooohoo…the 2014 workbooks are out! These are amazing tools to help create the business you want- AND the life you want!! Click the picture to be taken to the site   *this post contains affiliate links.


[guest post] How Many Periods?

 How Many Periods Did You Have?  By DeAnna Lam Have you ever thought of how many times you have cycled with the moon since the day of your first period? Lets do some quick math here: I started bleeding when I … Continue reading

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And the Winner is…….

The winner of our Facebook draw is Lou Brown who wanted to win a set of pads for her neice! Congratulations Lou!!