Deepening Woman Workshop

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Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength.
in beautiful Pembrokeshire in the Red Tent Yurt….. A circle for women held by Rachael and Angharad Varda

October 21st  10-5pm

£70 for the day 

A journey of healing, prayer, drumming and deep truth helping us to connect with our authentic selves and recover our maiden and teenager.

This is a day for women crossing the threshold into Deepening Woman. For women who want to heal their teenage self and maiden self and live their deep truth.

We will journey back on the life spiral to give our selves what we never had, ceremony, celebration and rites of passage…we will journey to heal and recover those lost parts of ourselves that hold us back from living our deep truth, our calling, our natural selves.
only through healing and reconnecting to ourselves and mother earth can we truly live our hearts calling and hold our future generations in strength.

This day will introduce you to the process of stepping across the threshold into deepening woman or mid woman consciously, as most of us crossed our teenage threshold, our menarche unconsciously, this work will enable us to be fully present with peri menopause/menopause.

This work prepares the way for those women who choose to hold girls consciously through their path to womanhood through girls circles/lodges.

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