[guest post] Getting Pregnant Naturally

Getting Pregnant Naturally

It can be very stressing for couples to see that conceiving a baby is not something that can be easily, just out of a decision, like pushing a button. Besides, the more couples fail to make the baby, the more stressful the situation can get. The first thing you have to do is relax and understand that what you are seeking to create is a life, and so, the worst thing you can do is getting anxious. Just take things naturally, as being a parent is in your instinct, part of you. Here are some tips that can help you boost your fertility.

Know Your Cycle

You figure out when you may be at your most fertile day without even moving from home, by using an online ovulation calculator, or cycle charting methods such as those found at Moon Times.

Always keep in mind that ovulation predictors or calculators are useful as long as you know they are estimators, and don’t provide exact dates.

Watch your Weight

Excess body fat can result in an overproduction of the hormones that disrupt ovulation. Hormonal disorders that may translate into irregular cycles and ovulating less often could take place. On the other hand, this could also happen if you have too little body fat. Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise can help you increase the chances of getting pregnant. Remember, however, not to overdo it.

Avoid Stress

As we already mentioned, depression and stress could hamper your fertility. A recent study found that women are less likely to conceive during psychological distressing time periods. The regular practice of yoga or meditation can help you handle or even avoid stress, allowing you to be more prone to getting pregnant.

Watch His Health Too

The same things that may prevent you from getting pregnant (cigarettes, alcohol, a poor diet, etc) may harm your partner’s reproductive health. Important nutrients that should be added to his daily life are vitamin C, E and mineral selenium.

Remember that you and your partner are together on this life-changing journey, and so, you should be extremely supportive and understanding to each other’s feelings and fears. Even if these tips are very useful, love should be the key ingredient to bring a new life to the world.

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