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[guest post] Blood Art- what do you think?

Vice Magazine has published series of photos by Emma Arvida Bystrom – women doing everyday tasks- as they leak through their clothes- what woman hasn’t had that happen at some point? See There Will Be Blood and heres an article … Continue reading

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[guest film] Fantastic Coming of Age Movie Trailer

I can’t wait to get a copy of this movie! From Girl to Woman

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[guest post] Orgasmic Creativity!

Fab article Orgasmic Creativity

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[guest blog] Why the Drum was at the Core of Ancient Spiritual Rites

Fabulous blog relating the sound of the Mothers heartbeat to the beat of the sacred drum 

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[guest post] Getting Pregnant Naturally

Getting Pregnant Naturally It can be very stressing for couples to see that conceiving a baby is not something that can be easily, just out of a decision, like pushing a button. Besides, the more couples fail to make the … Continue reading

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