2 FREE on line events- Womb Blessing and Red Tent Activation!

Womb Blessing
I was lucky enough to be one of 14 women who trained with Miranda Gray this month to give Womb Blessings and Healings. <3 You can take part in receiving a FREE distant Womb Blessing next month by signing up here; www.wombblessing.com
Miranda and us 14 Moon Mothers will be sending out the divine feminine energy 4 times on May 6th, its an amazing opportunity to connect with thousands of women across the world!

Another free event to join!
Does Your Soul Remember 
The Circles of Maidens, Mothers, Grandmothers,
and Ancestors…
This Is A Call for 1 Million Women
To Birth A New Paradigm For Our Current and Future Culture!
You are invited to a FREE Online event: RED TENT Activation 2012

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