Join Us at The Danu Dance of Life Camp!

This Summer Rachael will be running workshops at the Danu Dance of Life Camp…A weekend camp for women and girls over 10 (20-23rd July 2012)
She will be offering a group Womb Blessing, a Menarche workshop for mums and daughters and a pad making workshop! There will be loads of other fabulous workshops on offer, see info below for details of how to book or this facebook page

Danu Dance of Life- A weekend camp for women and girls 20-23rd July 2012

Danu Dance of Life is a weekend camp in the Herefordshire countryside dedicated to women and girls. It`s our first year and we`re planning campfires, talking circles, singing, crafts, healing, dancing, drumming, sound healings, yoga, and many more wonderful activities. A space to be inspired, nurtured, and to deepen the bonds between us. A positive place to share all aspects of our women hood. To appreciate and accept all our stages from maidenhood, to motherhood, to wise woman. Come and join us! Bring your daughters, friends, sisters, mothers, grand-daughters, or come on your own, for a weekend celebrating ourselves as women. The camp will be suitable for women and girls aged ten years and over, or younger children who are breastfeeding. The idea for this camp arose out of a desire to join our local Red Tent with girls aged 10 and over who are on the verge of, or who have recently started their moon cycle. It was conceived as a place that girls can be with women, other than just their mothers, and to learn what it means to be a woman. It is a supportive women`s circle where all women can come to find support, to laugh, to share and to appreciate the strength, power and beauty we carry inside us. As this is the intention it is not a family camp for all children, and we are asking that only girls over ten, or breastfed little ones come to the camp.
In order for the camp to happen we are asking for a donation of £10 per night per person, £5 for under 16`s and free for babies. We will be cooking vegetarian meals onsite, and will also have a donations box with suggested donations to cover the cost of the produce. Feel free to bring and cook your own meals if you wish. The idea of the camp is that everyone participates in some way, so we invite women to share a skill, craft, workshop, offer a therapy, class or lead a talking circle, or perhaps help with preparing food or making teas for a couple of hours. It`s a community event where we are all creating what happens. So bring what you would like to find!
Please book in advance so we know how many people are coming, and for how many nights, but you can make your donation for camping in cash when you get here. We will send you directions and any other info when you book. Also please let us know at time of booking (as soon as possible) what you wish to share if you would like to do a workshop or class, offer a therapy, or help with meals, etc, so we can schedule you in.
This first Danu camp will be quite small, so make sure you book early as numbers will be limited. We are hoping that this first camp will flower into a beautiful annual event that will continue to inspire, and celebrate our womanhood as we move forward, showing our girls how fabulous it is to be a woman. A proud, shimmering women, encompassing all she is, speaking her truth, and knowing she has sisters who are by her side.
For booking contact: / 01432 840983

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