Premenstrual Mother

Years ago, when I first discovered that working with my cycle rather than against it made my premenstrual phase much easier to manage, and those PMT symptoms slowly began to disappear.
I made sure I gave myself rest time, time to journal, time to meditate and time to work through any resentments that came up at ‘that’ time of the month!
I was also balancing my life as a single mum with 2 children- one with special needs.

I realise I have been very lucky to have practically erased my PMT symptoms, well until 2010 when i had my daughter; my cycle returned after 4 months – even though I was breastfeeding full time and none of my new mama peers had any signs of starting their moontime again!
I pondered what went on each month with my hormones- I was charting my cycle again, waiting for it to regulise and noticing my PMT symptoms retuning- but this time mid-bleed?!

I’ve been cycling again now for 18 months, i’m still breastfeeding and my PMT is now premenstrual, being a premenstrual mother of a demanding feeding toddler is something i hadn’t experienced before and boy it’s tough!!

My sensitive nipples are being gnawed on while she teeths, my desire for ME time is strong and she’s mega clingy, frustrations are high as I get behind in my chores because she is demanding I spend every moment with her…and as soon as daddy comes through the door he gets a barrage of my resentments- ‘all i wanted was to have 2 minutes to grab a shower and i didn’t even get that today’!!

luckily i have a supportive husband who whisks our daughter away for some stories so mama can grab a shower and wash away the resentments of the day. He even presents me with a bar of chocolate that he had bought for my xmas stocking!
He promises to take the day off work tomorrow so i can go to a morning yoga class and get some ME time :)

He can’t solve the issue of sensitive nipples but hey, you can’t have everything! a bit of ME time reenergises me and tops up my patience batteries. once more all is well in my world ….for now!

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  1. Mo

    Aw, yay for involved, helpful, understanding daddies!! And hugs for your PMT days <3