Monthly Ritual/ Womb Prayer

What monthly Moon Time rituals do you have?
each month as I celebrate my bleed, I enter my Red Tent /Womb Space and I send healing and prayers to my womb….here’s one I’d like to share:

World of the Womb

My eye cannot see you.

My will cannot control you.

But I feel your presence,

and I note your being

and I wish you all blessings,

and I love you.

Lines excerpted from the poem, “World of the Womb” by Tikva Frymer-Kensk

and a lovely quote from Susun Weed which sums up how your Moon Time should be spent…if only!!

‎”Sit, sister, here on the soft green moss, and give your sacred moon blood to the earth, back again to the spiral of life. Let flow your womb’s blood red to the green and brown of earth. Sit here. Relax and close your eyes and let the visions come. Rest now and give your moon blood to nourish the mother who nourishes us. Relax and let the visions come.” Susun Weed

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