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Red Flag

Red Flag
Judy Chicago, 1971
Photolithograph (51/94), 20″x 24,” printed from aluminum plates by Sam Francis in his personal workshop, 1971. ©1971 Judy Chicago

Red Flag may be the first work of art – and it was, and is, controversial – to show this commonplace event in many women’s lives: removing a tampon. The artist has commented that many people did not know what the red object was; some thought it was a bloody penis, showing how unwilling many women (and men!) are to look at personal, but everyday functions.
Ms. Chicago, the foremost feminist artist in the world, donated the print to MUM. Some of her other artwork are The Dinner Party, Birth Project, Holocaust Project and Menstruation Bathroom. The Canadian television film Under Wraps shows the 1995 re-installation of the latter in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (it also shows MUM); the work was first created in Womanhouse in the 1970s.
The artist has published volumes of autobiography as well as other material. The Canadian television production company Starry Night, which created Under Wraps, is making a film of Ms. Chicago’s work.
Her nonprofit organization, Through the Flower, invites you to contact them at 101 N. 2nd Street, Belen, New Mexico, 87002, U.S.A., telephone (505) 864-4088. And it now has a Web site:

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