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[guest blog] Common Herbicide Causes Menstrual Trouble Yet again, scientists have looked at populations routinely exposed to the widely used herbicide atrazine and found trouble. The latest: In a study published byEnvionmental Research (summarized here), researchers found evidence that atrazine could be causing menstrual irregularities and low estrogen levels in … Continue reading

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just a dot!

Does your period just creep up on you each month without ‘warning’? Even though your body is giving you strong messages ‘it’s that time of the month again’ do you ignore them and then get your flow and think ‘oh … Continue reading

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Limited Edition Pads :) ‘One Off Designs’ Patterned Pad Sets- truly limited edition! Special price £48 (usually £50) Designs available: (as in photo -clockwise from bottom left) Coming Up Roses- we love these rose design pads- and know you will too! Power Animal- … Continue reading

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[guest blog] Have respect for your own inner process….

Have respect for your own inner process, even if it seems to lead you into darkness, even if all logic to it seems to have vanished. Always keep open the possibility that you are not able to understand it from … Continue reading

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[guest blog] Deer Exercise

recommended by Menstruation experts- features the Deer Exercise- great for those who experience menstruation-related problems!

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[guest art] Menstrual Art

Red Flag Judy Chicago, 1971 Photolithograph (51/94), 20″x 24,” printed from aluminum plates by Sam Francis in his personal workshop, 1971. ©1971 Judy Chicago Red Flag may be the first work of art – and it was, and is, controversial … Continue reading

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[guest blog]they left a trail of blood behind them

(this article was emailed to me a few years ago…i’m unsure of the source) “When they menstruated, they left a trail of blood behind them.” What did European and American women use for menstruation in the 19th century and before? … Continue reading

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