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Hello lovely ladies :)
Moon Times is now settled in wet and wild Pembrokeshire, the amazing sun rises we have had and occasional sunny days make up for the mostly rainy weather that seems to be the ‘norm’ here in West Wales!

Below is our July Newsletter, please pass it on to friends who might be interested :)
Do keep scrolling down to see info on my colleague DeAnna’s Menstrual Health course- in Vienna! 10% off the course fee when you mention Moon Times :)

Have any of you had time to check out our new look website? Moon Times
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We have also launched our ‘LIMITED EDITION’ patterned pads – they’ve all got fun and funky names like our PUNKY PIRATE pads with skulls and crossbones on! For sailing the monthly Red Seas! Limited Edition pads

We have a new Baby Moon section with some fab pro breastfeeding T-shirts (and amber teething necklaces, eco potties and more) check it out here Baby Moon

EARTH PATHWAYS DIARIES 2012 are in stock! Grab one now as every year they sell out! (in our Calendars and Diaries section)

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Red Moon – Cycles Of Women Empowerment
A Week-long Training (Aug 6-12)
for women wishing to be empowered by their cycle,
reclaim their cycle as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal,
and become a role-model for today’s girls!

Menstruation as a spiritual journey,
is the last uncovered frontier in personal growth and spirituality today.

Women of all ages find deep solace in it.

It will help you dissolve PMS symptoms,
discover your cycle as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal,
and deepen your relationship with your daughter at any age.
It contains the last missing pieces of our womanhood’s jigsaw puzzle.

Training includes:
- Learning to use your cycle as source of empowerment
- The spiritual and emotional aspects of menstruation
- Healing your Inner Maiden
- Reclaiming menstruation as celebrated in indigenous cultures
- Receiving the Coming-Of-Age ceremony you never had
- Shamanic trance journeys
- Integrating all parts of your womanhood into a whole
- Full Moon ritual
- Inspiring the girls in your life to empowered womanhood

DeAnna L’am, author of Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Woman hood, has been transforming women’s and girls’ lives around the world for over 20 years.
DeAnna specializes in helping women reclaim menstruation as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal, coaches moms to welcome their girls into womanhood with comfort and ease, and trains women to hold Red Tents in their communities.
Facebook page:

The workshop will be in ENGLISH,
with GERMAN TRANSLATION as needed.
please contact:
Hildegard Kirchweger – Email:
Phone:+43 (0) 699 1 924 06 68

You can visit facilitator DeAnna L’am on her website, at:



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