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Ask Aunt Flo…heavy periods & cloth pads

Dear Aunt Flo, I am really interested in using cloth pads- having considered making my own in the past but not being sure how to make them absorbent enough. I have a really heavy flow and flood a lot. Are … Continue reading

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Moon Time Foods

Why not try some delicious and nutritious ‘red’ foods when you are on your Moon Flow… Red Moon Juice use a juicer! 4 carrots 1 beetroot 1 apple a slice of ginger YUM! Raspberry Smoothie 1 cup or raspberries (frozen … Continue reading

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[guest blog] A young woman’s description of her menarche

This article is published in ‘Menarche a Journey into Womanhood’ by Rachael Hertogs. My Menarche Ceremony at Sacred Arts Camp by Ro Ocean 2006 My Menarche Ceremony this year was truly beautiful. I just wish every girl could experience what … Continue reading

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Menstrual Health Tips…what tips would you like to share?

Menstrual Health Tips collected from REAL Women! share yours in the comment box below Use your pre-menstrual energy to clean the house and prepare food so you can relax and not have to take care of others while you are … Continue reading

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Moon Times July Newsletter

Hello lovely ladies Moon Times is now settled in wet and wild Pembrokeshire, the amazing sun rises we have had and occasional sunny days make up for the mostly rainy weather that seems to be the ‘norm’ here in West … Continue reading


Going Within

How do We “Go Within?”
Most of us live over-committed, complicated lives, with guilt and/or income-generation as our primary motivator. Though we have precious little time in our current incarnation, it is still hard to say no to work, family or group activities that we don’t find personally meaningful. There are so many “shoulds” planning our daily schedule. So be courageous, say “No” to the things you don’t want to do, but feel obliged, clear your schedule of chores and duties, ask your family for support and take some time for yourself. Continue reading

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