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recommending a course…. RED MOON- Cycles of Women Empowerment

I’m recommending this course as it’s run by a wonderful colleague of mine…also a fellow Red Web Foundation member….10% off when you mention Moon Times Red Moon – Cycles Of Women Empowerment A Week-long Training for women wishing to be … Continue reading

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What is a moon lodge?

A Moon Lodge … is a retreat place for bleeding women   A Moon Lodge … is where women share their wisdom   A Moon Lodge … is a place to dream   A Moon Lodge … is a place … Continue reading

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Ask Aunt Flo…Moon Lodge Question

Dear Aunt Flo , What exactly is a Moon Lodge? could you explain? thanks Kate. Hi Kate, well, The Moon lodge originates from the Native American Indian tradition. They honoured the moon time as sacred, it was treated with respect. … Continue reading

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Ask Aunt Flo…cycle charting concerns

Hi Aunt Flo I am really interested in charting my cycle, but i’m a bit wary as a friend of mine was using it for natural birth control and became pregnant- twice! One time was while she was bleeding! (the … Continue reading

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[guest film] Love Your Vagina!

fab video from Mooncup

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‘Moon’ related web sites

websites for reconnecting with your body and your cycle- and for pleasure! Moon Times Moon Lodge- Facebook Moon Lodge forum A space to chat and share Moon Lodge stories The Red Web Foundation is a member-run, non-profit organization dedicated … Continue reading

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[guest site] Going with the Flow

Seeing Red… Going with the fLoW beautiful Post from Ayla/Chrysalis Woman

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ponders on contraception…

Having been reading the Selling of Contraception… (see article here ) It’s left me wondering how it came to be that women began to hand their health over to men? After a herstory (history) of women healers using their intuition, … Continue reading

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I love this message….a bit of gratitude goes a long way! If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who won’t survive the week. If you have never experienced the … Continue reading


[guest blog] Cycle Of Power

I was amazed to get this from the author wasnt credited though! Cycle Of Power Honoring Menstruation In the ancient past, as humanity began to move toward a patriarchal society, women were gradually deprived of the awareness of a wonderful … Continue reading

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