Celebrating your First Moon

Celebrating your First Moon (an exerpt from Thirteen Moons and Menarche ‘a journey into womanhood’ – both available here )

The word ‘celebrate’ comes from an ancient Greek word ‘melpo’ which means to sing, dance and praise!

There are many ways to celebrate your first blood- here are a few suggestions-

• Have a RED PARTY! Invite your friends and all dress in red, decorate your home with red flowers, red cloths and eat red foods!
• Have a ‘pamper party’ with your girlfriends, give each other facials, paint your toe nails, braid one another’s hair- create a special girlie space to share your stories and perhaps read some of the ones in this book. Light a candle and share chocolate!
• Create a ceremony – ask your mum and friends to help.
• Talk to your mum about the steps to becoming a woman- is there something you’d like to help you to feel more grown up- to get your ears pierced, have your hair henna’d, or maybe redecorate your room? Chat some ideas over with your mum.
• Make yourself a moon necklace or moon belt that you only wear when you bleed.
• Create a special corner in your room for when you bleed- decorate it with pictures, crystals, stones, shells, goddess statues, candles, incense…
• Ask your mum to buy you some red bedding- soft red sheets to curl up in at your moon time!
• Write a letter to yourself- from your ‘young woman’ self to your ‘child girl’ self, honour her for being courageous to be taking these steps in to womanhood with you! Keep this letter safe and read it now and again.
• Start a women’s circle- gather your girlfriends together once a month- on the full moon or dark moon and have a pamper party, or watch a dvd, listen to music or together create items for your altars or make moon jewellery!

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    Hi, thank-you for this website, I saw you at Quest, maybe last year, maybe the year before.I’ve been trying to persaid my daughters school ever since to do your workshop…no joy yet, and she has just started menstuating at the age of 10. When I saw you at Quest you had a book for girls/ young women, a kind of work book? Is it one mentioned here? The link to check out the books appears to be broken, so I can’t follow it up. Can’t make it to quest this year, so would really appreciate some feedback, thanks

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