Warm Welcome Sistar!

Here at Moon Times we want to empower women in body appreciation, environmental awareness and self-respect through the use of eco menstrual products, self care and natural women wise medicine.

We believe women deeply appreciate learning about alternative and positive ways to think about their bodies and especially their cycle! So join us in our Red Tent and explore the many posts and topics on offer.

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Free Period! ……. Newsletter

Hello Sistars, I opened my Facebook this morning to see this powerful little film that highlights the plight of girls in poverty. Free Period  Ever since being a teenager I've wondered why menstrual products aren't free...well these Scottish campaigners are ...
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Deepening Woman Workshop

DEEPENING WOMAN  Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength. in beautiful Pembrokeshire in the Red Tent Yurt….. A circle for women held by Rachael and Angharad Varda October 21st  10-5pm £70 for the day  A journey of healing, ...
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How Often Do You Consult Your Womb? Newsletter

Hello from the Wilds of Wales! I can often feel I'm in a bubble out here...away from the fast pace of life- although being a sensitive woman who is affected by the seasons, the planets and the moons (and the ...
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June is all about Charity! Newsletter

Hello my lovelies, I want to start by thanking those of you who support Moon Times and the charities we support! Over the years we've helped women in the UK and across the world to access better menstrual products. A couple ...
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Mentoring Our Girls…..Newsletter

Hello my dears, Last Sunday I was privileged to sit in circle with our Mothers and Daughters Lodge where we explored the cycles of life, the seasons, our Moon Time cycles, Thresholds of Womanhood....all taught through the process of making ...
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Have You Signed Up? Newsletter

Hello Sistars! I'm just landing back after a magical weekend away in Bristol holding ritual space with Suzi Edwards and a wonderful group of women having Sacred Scars! If you're interested to know more...we will be gathering in Pembrokeshire early ...
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Viva La Revolution!

Viva La Revolution! You may not have noticed it...but there's a revolution happening.... “Is there? A revolution? What kind of revolution?” A Menstrual Revolution....menstruation, periods, cycles, pads, moon cups...they are being mentioned everywhere! Menstruation is finally out of the closet! ...
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Join me for the Intuitive Woman Summit! …… Newsletter Special

THE INTUITIVE WOMAN SUMMIT: 12 experts show you how to tap into the deep, inner-wisdom that every woman has access to. In this powerful, eye-opening, life-changing tele-summit, you’ll discover… Your True Source Of Inner Guidance – there is a deep ...
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Advice I wish I’d had….

Advice I wish I'd had.... I often ask women, what advice would you give your younger self? (it helps us to remember to go easy on our daughters!) I've been pondering this again recently ...as I head towards menopause I'm ...
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Ask Aunt Flo….my daughter gets menstrual cramps

Dear Aunt Flo, My daughter gets terrible cramps at her moon time, she wants to take paracetamol but I would prefer we find some naturopathic techniques. Do you have any advice? Thanks Janice. Hi Janice, I thought I would put ...
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