Warm Welcome Sistar!

Here at Moon Times we want to empower women in body appreciation, environmental awareness and self-respect through the use of eco menstrual products, self care and natural women wise medicine.

We believe women deeply appreciate learning about alternative and positive ways to think about their bodies and especially their cycle! So join us in our Red Tent and explore the many posts and topics on offer.

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When Life Slows You Down! …..Newsletter

Dear Sistars, Well here we are, half way into November already! Sitting in the 'void' between Samhain and Yule, it’s time to sweep the last of the leaves away and burn them on the bonfire.....and this is a piece of ...
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Womens “Catch Up” Ceremony, Bristol, Feb 2018

A womens “catch up” ceremony: the opportunity to revisit your mid girl and menarche thresholds, gently holding, listening and creating space for healing we will witness each other in sacred space. The Bristol Goddess Temple February 4th 2018, 10-5 pm, Cost ...
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Blessings into the Celtic New Year…..Newsletter

Blessings Dear Sistars, As I write this, it's Samhian eve, a time to hold our ancestors dear, to take stock of the year past and consider the year coming, in whatever way feels right for you. Today its my moon ...
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An Invitation To The Men

Dear husbands, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, neighbours, friends, The women of the Red Tent have been gathering over the years; we sit in council, share sacred rites, drum with the heartbeat of the earth, stand in our truth and authenticity. We ...
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Moon Dreams 2018 Diary…sample pages

Moon Dreams 2018 Diary    Starr Meneely Beautifully illustrated, empowering and mindful, Moon Dreams diary made its hugely popular debut for 2017. The 2018 edition has taken all the parts you loved and responded to your requests. It has been created ...
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Shameless Promoting! Newsletter

Hello my dearests, I do hope you are all safe and sound after the storm this week...here in Carmarthenshire there was chaos on the roads as trees and branches fell and brought down phone lines....I'm grateful not to have been ...
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Red Tent Cunt Craft Fundraiser for Colette <3

Colette popped up on Facebook a few years ago known as "Lady Cunt Love", and I followed her immediately..."Here's a woman I know I'm gonna like" I thought! I followed her story- reclaiming the word Cunt...all over social media, her ...
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Musings of a Peri-Menopausal Woman

“Peri menopause is like being pre-menstrual ALL MONTH LONG.” When I heard that I couldn't quite believe it, especially since I had done so much positive menstrual work since my 20's...PMT/PMS whatever you want to label it, it just didn't ...
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Book Review “The Bearable Beast”

The author of this book contacted me- the email header was "Valuable menstruation communication tool"- her email went on to say- Hello my name is Brooke Friswold and I am the author of a children's book that I feel could ...
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Mini Newsletter!

Ah, dearests! I had planned a newsletter for last week, and I then had a particularly full on moon time ...plus inner spring and it got completely forgotten! So I'm sending a mini newsletter and then we will be back ...
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